3570k overclocking help

I just recently overhauled my everything and have been trying to overclock my new i5 to at least 4.5 ghz. Unfortunately, I'm pretty used to the old keyboard standard bios as opposed to the newer asus uefi bios and I've been having some trouble. Right now, I pretty much have everything on auto, because my system would bsod otherwise and I have it clocked at 4.2 ghz, but the voltage jumps to 1.32 under load in prime 95, which I feel is too high, but I'm not too sure, considering the last processor I owned was a phenom ii X4. Anybody out there have experience with asus' uefi bios and can drop some tips? 

1.32v is a little high for 4.2Ghz OC. 1.32v should be enough for at least a 4.5Ghz OC. I only need 1.25v for a 4.5Ghz OC on my 3770k. This guide might help you OC http://www.overclock.net/t/1247413/ivy-bridge-overclocking-guide-with-ln2-guide-at-the-end

As for the uefi bios here is a video that might help  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9u8sJ8zS4C8

What Motherboard do you have?

I did the exact same upgrade a couple months ago man. Something is wrong, but I dont know if it is hardware yet or not. Overclocking a a 3570k is pretty easy. first just try resetting the bios and set the multiplier to 45. Hopefully that is all you need. After that you can try turning off some of the features like power saving mode, virtualization and etc. Just for stability testing.

A key thing is to make sure your Vcore is set to auto. for some reason mine was set to +.1 on overclock by default, I dont know why that was.. maybe someone forgot to reset the bios on mine after testing... Anyway, check to make sure all your bios settings are at auto for a baseline test.

Don't set it to auto - it steps the voltage up way too high. I was able to lower my Vcore .2V from what Asus set it to.

Auto is a good place to start. If it is stable, then start dialing it back manually by increments. I have mine set to auto and it never goes above 1.23v on my asrock extreme4. My overclock is 4.5 on the 3570k. I tried droping it, and it wasn't stable. I know every board is different though, but start at auto and see what it goes to. Then dial it back from there and testing for stability.