3570k or 2500k

so I'm building my first pc but I'm not sure if I should buy a 2500k or 3570k

I can get a 3570k with the asrock extreme 4 z77 for $275

or a 2500k with the same mobo for about $295.

any suggestions?

all of these prices are from micro center.

my budget is about 650$ or 700$

Well the 3570k (Ivy Bridge) is the upgrade to the 2550k (Sandy Bridge) (2550k is the step up from the 2500k). So the fact is you are getting a great deal for the 3570k and the Asrock Extreme 4. If you look at http://www.cpubenchmark.net/high_end_cpus.html the 3570k clearly beats the 2500k. At the time I looked at cpu benchmark:

  • 3570k scored: 7 729
  • 2500k scored: 6 721

The only reason I would take the 2500k is if it was cheaper :P.

yea... but i wanted to ask because of the heating problems from ivy brige and taking in consideration tyhe price and all... but i tyhink I'll go ivy brige. I'll go get it next week 

sorry, writing on my dell streak is freaking hard.


It depends on what you're looking for. If you have to have PCI-E 3.0, a slightly better memory controller, and better onboard graphics then get the 3570K. If you want lower temperatures, better overclocking, and overall better performance as a result, then go with the 2500K.

3570K isn't the successor of 2550k, it's the successor of 2500k because 2550k doesn't have an iGPU. :P

Anyhow I wouldn't write down 3570K just because it has higher temps, a 3570K at 4.8GHz is like 2500k at 5GHz. I'd say go with 3570K, it's just as good of an overclocker as 2500k considering the 5% difference in performance.

2500k for sure.

Well, between these two the 2500k is usually my pick... but if you are only doing a moderate OC the 3570 looks nice. Also, the price makes me lean toward ivy bridge. 

go with what ever is cheaper they are both great cpus


ive got a machine with the 3570k and one with the 2500k in, and ive overclocked both alot. The 3570k really doesnt have that bad over heating problems, its only if you try pushing it to 5.0ghz+ where the voltage has to be so high that the heat trying to escape off the 22nm chip becomes a problem. So go for the ivy as it has less power consumption, and better performance overall

Keep in mind guys, they packed a lot more into the IB chips since it was a die shrink. Also the actual core for core performance is increased by about 5%, so if you hit 4.8ghz on IB it's roughly equivilant to 5.0ghz on SB. Yes you may get lower clocks but that doesn't matter at all.

I'd say go with whatever is cheaper, but if price isn't an object then of course go with the IB series. Also it's obvious to go with the IB since it's cheaper in the scenario you presented. The heat isn't the problem just keep in mind the core for core performance.

Honestly this will come down to how long you plan to use the computer. If you plan to use it for several years I would say go for the 3570k due to the PCI 3.0 compatibility, however that is not really needed as of yet, so if it is only a 2 or even 3 year machine go with the 2500k.