3570k 1.368v 4.6

Is 1.368v too high for 3570k at 4.6gHz? Themps are max 82C after 30 mins of prime95 but i cant get it stable at lower volts - the temps seem ok but what will the voltage do long term at this setting?

CPU is being cooled with a NZXT Kraken x40

I'd say so, but I don't really have experience with IB, and I'm fairly conservative when it comes to OCing. That's about the same voltage I need for a stable 4.6GHz on my 2500k, which I'd imagine is a bit high for IB. I'd say step down to 4.5 and see how low you can get the voltage. For a 4.5 OC, I just need 1.325v, compared to ~1.36v.