$35 USB Android mini computer

About the size of a USB flash drive, this mini PC features an Allwinner 1.5GHz processor, 1GB RAM, 2GB of onboard flash storage, microSD card slot, wireless connectivity (which protocol isn't clear), HDMI output, and more.

se Allwinner A10 1GHZ Cortex-A8 high speed processor.
Comprehensive processing ability, play HD video, share blog, paly game and view
website and Ebook, give you fully experience.
With 3D Graphical processor.
Use 1G DDR3 high capacity memory.
Support WIFI 802.1b/g/n.



Oh wow, so affordable!  Totally ordering one just to mess around with

ive played with them before, one a little higher end than that

dont expect it to play 1080P 10bit video files or h.264 but it can handle less demanding 1080p and 720P fine

This one is very inexpensive, there are cooler versions out there if you're willing to spend a little more.  I think they're on Rev. 3 now, more powerful CPU/GPUs some of them have bluetooth too.

is there any support for fine overclocking/underclocking/voltage control?

put up some links to those products

I have the Imito MX1 with the rooted firmware. It plays close to 1080p just fine. Its an 8GB version of the Avengers and it looks pretty close to 1080 for me.