$30ish headset

So I know how to find nice expensive headsets, but it seems the cheap headset market seems to have a lot of differing opinions and lots of products.

What are some good headsets around $30 on Amazon? If it doesn’t have a mic I’m cool with that none of my friends play videogames anymore :slightly_frowning_face:

I have like $33 in Amazon gift cards, I can go up a little in price but not much



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Depending on your available connectors, you may want a Y-splitter with some of my suggestions.

In case you are open to in ears:
Blon BL03

Koss KSC75

Koss KPH30i

Koss Porta Pro

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If you definitely don’t need the mic It probably makes sense to look at headphones, but FWIW I recently bought this headset: https://www.amazon.com/Mpow-Surround-Cancelling-Over-Ear-Headphones/dp/B07WG1FHL2

Pros: audio quality input/output is good, mic on/off switch and mic has led indicator, seem to be pretty durable, nice looking (I guess, don’t actually care about this).

Neutral/con: you do need an adapter of some sort if you don’t have TRRS input - I had options already so neutral.

Con: large and kinda heavy - doesn’t actually have manual adjustment and the auto kinda sucks - maybe not a problem if you have a large/r head - I actually have to wear a hat for them to fit and cup my ears correctly - but I often do and I like everything else so didn’t return.

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@TimHolus @MazeFrame @astra

Thank you all so much, I did end up finding a $50 headset for $29 that I ended up getting. I will definitely keep a couple of those in mind when I’m looking for portable headphones to use when I’m traveling though!

After I applied my gift card and rewards I got it for 55 cents lmao

Is there a name for the design on those where the part that goes in your ear is off to the side and angled like that(as opposed to dead center and straight)? What I’m currently using in place of my broken headset are the earbuds that came with my galaxy s10+ (they have the same design) and I absolutely love them because they stay in my ear perfectly. I’m going to need to replace these soon too as the left one stopped working a while ago, and the right one is likely to stop working soon too I’d imagine.

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