3080Ti - Power limits - no OCing

Got a new GPU and the first thing I do is try and make it faster. I spent a couple of hours with it last night trying to improve performance, but all I’m getting is power limit and barely a couple of percent performance gains.

Now I had no choice in the exact GPU I got and all I know is it’s a 2-slot (3-slot size) Zotac GPU with two power connectors. How do I eek more performance out of it?

I had the BIOS editor for my old 980Ti and could force that to take more power (up to a limit) but this 3080Ti doesn’t seem to care where I put the “power limit” slider in Afterburner, it performs the same and draws the same.

I’m a tinkerer - I want all the power out of it. Anyone got any suggestions?

None of the recent Nvidia cards do any kind of power OC’ing. They mostly are pushed to the limit already by the factory.

All you can do is turn the power limits down.

To get any higher power limits you would need to obtain a new BIOS firmware allowing more power or perform a shunt mod surgery on the card.

Even if you flash a custom bios with a program such as NVflash, with the way Nvidia puts so many shunts on their cards these days, you really have to shunt mod them, And there’s usually somewhere around half a dozen shunts that have to be modified

3080 Ti is already at the limits of what that chip can do. Plus if you start feeding it more power it’s gonna start running hotter and more likely just drop its performance to try and cool down.

If you cranked the voltage, you’ll actually want to reduce that
Power limit is in watts, less volts at same amps equals less power (w) giving you more headroom

Also the power required for clocks goes down with temperature, keep it as cool as possible

If you’re are handy with electronic repair you can try shunt modding, remember, you’re playing with unobtainium
Clocks will only change every 13mhz or thereabouts
So if you added 5mhz and nothing happened you just need to add a little more

It’s consuming (according to GPUZ) 330W when running maxed out. It’s sitting at 70C and seemingly won’t go past that.

I’ve tried increasing the power limit and temperature targets to their max and it changes absolutely nothing. The power consumption stays the same, as does the temperature. The core clock doesn’t magically boost either.

@GigaBusterEXE I left voltage alone for a while but after no other successes, I played with that too. It seems that MSI Afterburner is incapable of pushing this card any further.

Anything past pascal likes to be as cools as possible, ideal temp is 50c, you aren’t going to damage it at 70 just not the best clocks

Huh. I might have to blast my AC unit at the GPU then and see if that holds true.

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