300 Watt Amplifier - Recommendations?

I'm looking for a new 300 watt amplifier to power two 150 watt Peavey PAs. This setup will be used by the vocalist in my band during rehearsals. I don't really want to spend any more than $100 and it's gotta be available in the UK (because that's where I live).

This is my best contender at the moment:

So if anyone has had experience with this amp or brand, would you recommend it?
(Amazon reviews for equipment like this are not very reputable as you can see in the link so I thought I'd check here)

The SPL-300 you have linked is a stereo Hi-Fi style amp, which has 4 Ohm outputs, I reckon your speakers are at least 8 Ohm so they will eventually burn out that head and you won't get the volume you would expect.

Its also worth having some basic EQ and phantom power for mics that need it.

thomann do good stuff cheaper than anywhere else so its your best bet.

well skytec isnt that great to be honnest.
Its a low budget brand.