£300 gpu?

Long story short. I'm looking for the best Graphics Card I can buy for under £300. 

I'm using it with a i5-3570k running at the stock 3.4Ghz might OC it to 3.5Ghz just so it's rounded. 

The one I'm looking at is a Gigabyte Radeon HD 7950 3GB. It comes with 3 Fans so I'm guessing its fairly overclockable. Plus it's £240 right now. 

Is there a better card I could get right now? 

I was looking at the EVGA GTX 670. It's the K edition which comes with 2 larger fans and a backplate. Is this better or worse lol? 

Any help and suggestions would be great! Thank you. 

7950 is arguably the best card at that price. I'd recommend getting a Twin Frozr from MSI.

The 670 is a good card, if you decide to go with the 670, get the FTW from EVGA. The Cuda technology in the Nvidia flavour can be beneficial for rendering and design software.

Sapphire HD7950 3GB Vapor-X £249



The availability of the MSI 7950s is questionable in the UK; I can't seem to find one, myself. However, if he can find one, it is fantastic - voltage unlocked, unlike the Gigabyte one, and has great quality components with a solid cooler.


There's plenty. You can't find everything on pcpartpicker.com



Oh, I didn't search those sites; I'm an amazon.co.uk noob :(


Learn to internet



This is the kind of comment/recommendation we like to see. Good Job!

Hm it's a tough choice lol. Thanks for your suggestions everyone. What sort of FPS will I be able to play something like Skyrim on max settings 1080p on the MSI Twin Frozr? 

& is it similar if I was using something like the Gigabyte Radeon HD 7950? 


There's a 7970 for £299.99p.


there will be no performance difference between the two card, unless one has a higher stock clock rate, Because it is the same Tahiti chip on each card. The real difference is the cooler on each card and how each on performs, THIS can affect overclocking, and thus how much it CAN perform.

X one of the coolest running cards

y silent operation

z Your in the Sapphire club -lifetime help and support from sapphire + plus free givaways are allways nice :P

z2? its a monster!

Stay away from VTX3D HD cards there is a reason there cheap its becase there poor cards 

the sapphire may be silent but it ranks the lowest when compared to others http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/radeon-hd-7950-review-benchmark,3207-14.html

At 1080p, any suggested card will handle any game, maxed out or very near.

I've heard that some revisions of the Sapphire are voltage locked. You have to flash them to overclock them properly.

Edit: specificaly later editions of the vapor-x. I had my eye on it, once upon a time.

Thats not even the same card its not a Vapox-X tested there thats there old fans