30"+ monitor suggestions


I’m planning to buy a Acer Predator X34A in a week or so.

But before I go and actually buy it, I came here to ask if someone knows if something newer is coming out in… say 1-2 months. Wouldn’t want to buy old tech :stuck_out_tongue:

What I’m looking in a new monitor:

  • 30"+
  • UHD (FullHD, 2K will not do)
  • 120Hz+ ?
  • Doesn’t have to be Acer
  • I don’t like red, so the color should be minimal, as it is with Predator, or lacking.
  • I don’t care about I/O-s when it comes to USB-s/audio ports. (saw a random gaming monitor review where this was listed as negative)

I have a 1080Ti atm and playing games such as Sniper Elite 4, Prey, Far Cry Primal, Elite Dangerous…

PS! In a totally unrelated note. If anyone wants to co-op Sniper Elite 4 with me, let me know.

Thanks for input !


without budget we can’t really give you any advice. Try and check newegg.com or other sites and use the filters on the page.

Thought you would take Predator X34A price as a baseline for budget, but no problem, I just stumbled upon what I’m looking for. (Dell’s 4000-5000€$ monitors are bit too much though :smiley: )

Acer’s gonna release a new Predator in Q1 2018… UHD-ish, 200Hz, HDR. I’m gonna buy that when it comes out.