3 8 pin atx psu

I’m looking for a 3 8pin atx psu 850+ watt psu cost isn’t an issue but it must run 4 16 core opteron board.

Repin some connectors?

i’d rather just buy a psu that has what i need,

The Seasonic Focus+ (I own the 750W gold version) have hybrid CPU/PCIe cabling which means that you can use all the 8 pin connector in the back for CPUs. But, don’t quote me on that, I think every unit comes with only two cables so you need to order one more from Seasonic. Maybe on the 850W or the 1000W they come with three.

I am pretty sure you can get a PCI-E 8 pin to CPU 8 pin adapter.

The Seasonic M12II Evo come with 2 CPU 8Pins

You need to tell us more about that board of yours. I think having enough EPS 12V connectors (CPU) might be the first blocker. Are you saying it has 4 sockets?

When it comes to mainstream PSUs, I’m a fan of Corsair RM1000x. It’s a very solid and simple unit. It comes with 4 PCIE cables, which gives you 8x 6+2 PIN connectors, and 2 EPS 4+4 cables. The price obviously varies depending on where you live, but usually it’s a good deal, I think. I have like eight units in use and had issues with only one of them (which I RMA’d without any problems).

But I have no idea if it’s sufficient for your motherboard which seems to be rather special. Also, please, don’t use adapters! If a PSU doesn’t have enough connectors, it’s a sure sign that it’s not powerful enough to output that much juice.

I have an SuperMicro H8QGi-F Motherboard that has 3 8 pin atx connectors to run the 4 opteron processors

Ooh, I completely misunderstood your question. You need 3x EPS12V CPU connectors then, not PCIE 8pin. I’m pretty sure that calls for a special PSU… I never saw a consumer PSU with more than two CPU connectors. Maybe someone else knows!

What chassis is this in?

Xigmatek Elysium super atx case

you can run two psu’s in that case why not just go that route?

Assuming a single rail PSU, he could just take 2 PCI-E 6 pin leads, cut off the connectors, and solder on an extra EPS12V, probably easier than getting a special PSU.

I have zero actual knowledge about this BUT what about that PSU splitter Phanteks sell. Plug one PSU in and get the outputs for two PCs, only in your case it is basically just a breakout for extra connectors for one PC?

You mean this?

Could indeed work. On multi-rail PSUs, I would suggest having one rail per 2 CPUs.

Or use this:
Nearly 1.3kW on the 12V rail. Not enough for a 28core 5GHz Intel, but enough for some opterons.

Yes that. Just a thought, like I said I have no idea if it would even work.

It is meant to have 1 PSU feed two computers, I do not see any reason why it shouldn´t.

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