$3.2k PC build


This build is for high fps gaming, Nvidia 3d vision gaming, 3d world/model editing and maybe some video editing.

What do you guys think and are there any changes which I should make?

p.s. Before you say the PSU is overkill I chose it for two reasons.

1. I may be going sli in the future if a single 680 doesn't entirely meet my performance needs.

2. 7 year warranty so I can reuse it for quite a while. (future builds etc.) 

If you go with a cheaper case you could fit more in but if you are heart set on that case then well...

Rear I/O light, a big ass window and kick ass hard drive options. Yea I think I'll stick with that case

A lot is wrong here LMAFO, you should go with a LGA2011 for this price range and for editing the full 6 cores with hyperthrading will help a lot and also get a 4GB GPU 670 or 680 for 3D editing and rendering, and fianly a 1000W PSU is way over kill for this build a 800W for the LGA 2011 with two 680s will do fine but 1000W for this is behond overkill even if you are watercooling it.

What about this?


plz dont yell at me but this is another build from another youtuber https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XA_Yfz94dBA&list=SPADA5B91FFC11D251&index=7


weird lol I just picked the parts myself. Never watched videos or anything

This looks like a much better build for what you are asking this computer to do lol.

Nothing is wrong with your build.

LGA1155 is just fine, although it is a dead socket.

So is 2011 basically.

1000w is overkill unless you're planning on quite a bit of upgrades. there's nothing wrong with room for expansion, but still. you could knock a few bucks off that and put the money towards ditching the air cooler and just getting a h100i or a kraken. I'd do that. Idk how set you are on overlocking, though. 

Changed the mobo to the ROG version. I know it has less RAM potential but I like the ROG features/ colour scheme more.


I know about the cycle of dead sockets. Ivy bridge-E will be a dead socket in 2014 and so on. Intel runs on the tick tock cycle so death was right I should go with the tock. I already changed the psu to 850w. I know that water cooling is better but I have never really trusted it. What if the pipes burst or something of that nature?