2nd gaming rig challenge, I need your help (cheap)

So I already have my main gaming setup/rig, it's a beast (for me anyway), FX-8350, R9 280x and so on... I have this in my main lounge room and want something for my bedroom.

For this 2nd build, I just want something that will play EverQuest Next very well when it comes out, it will be the only game I play on this build, but I still want it to run nicely, but here's the catch, I need to as cheap as possible. I understand most people give a budget but I am from Australia so forget that, I was wondering if anyone could come up with some really cheap builds that would play EverQuest Next nicely.

Storage isn't important either as my main rig has lots and this will just be purely to play EverQuest Next in my room. With that said, is a SSD still essential for main storage? I also don't need keyboard/mice and peripherals, I got some spare, so just the build itself (I want to use Windows 7).

Thanks guys in advance,


If you really want to play a game in a different room but already have a gaming PC in your house, why not consider streaming (steamOS). You could build a really low end PC (or recycle an old laptop) and connect it to a TV.

I have heard of this but have never looked into or know how it works. Would this work with 1 being down stairs and the other being up stairs? Cause that's how it will be.

Also if you can explain it, could you suggest a build for this? Like I said I have no knowledge of this.

I never tried this myself but as long as you have a local area network at home it doesnt matter where your other PC is. If you are streaming then you don't really need any good hardware. Maybe you already have a laptop or an old pc? Anything like that is sufficient.

You can install steamOS as dual boot, so you don't need o exclusively use your laptop for game streaming. You could install steamOS additionally to windows/linux on your laptop.

Before you make any decision about streaming you should be aware that you will be getting an extra latency because the whole game output (image, sound) and input (mouse, keyboard) must be transferred via your network. If you want to play competitive games then streaming is no bueno for you.


Thanks for your advice, I have looked into it briefly since your first reply and still a bit lost, the idea sounds awesome but.

With the latency, I'm not sure how bad it would be, it might be bad enough that it isn't for me, as I said this 2nd system is just to play EverQuest Next in my room. But like you said competitive games such as MMOs it's pretty important not to have any latency or minimal latency.

With that said, what would you suggest? Give it a go? Or build a cheap 2nd build?

If you already have a laptop I would give it a try but if not you will need to build another PC, probably with an AMD APU. But why is it so important that you play in another room? To me that sounds a bit like a waste of money, especially because your 1st rig is pretty good

Unfortunately I don't have a laptop, my 2nd lounge room that I use is upstairs but my bedroom is down stairs, seems a bit excessive I know more of a convenience thing. If I could build a 2nd really cheap build that would still play EverQuest Next I'd be pretty happy as I could still use it to surf the internet and check emails and stuff instead of going upstairs every time I needed to check something little.

Are AMD APUs any good? I am hesitant about them as I know you can get a lot more out of the build with i separate graphics card.

If I can get a cheap enough build I'd like to do this, it is a little waste of money but I won't break the bank over this.