2gb or 3gb

Should I get the 3gb or 2gb version of the evga superclocked 660ti. I want to play skyrim and bf3. Also does fraps take of any of the video card ram?

Depends what resolution you're playing at. For 1920x1080, 2 GB is all you'll need. (Unless you had some insanely large textures/huge amounts of objects on screen continuously). I don't think FRAPS takes any VRAM. But you are going to want to make sure your CPU is beefy because it will take a bit of CPU cycles. Preferrably don't capture the footage to your system drive. Use something like a dedicated 1 TB or larger drive for the footage.

I have the cpu and hdd all figured out lol i picked out an 128gb ssd or OS and some games. Thanks for the help and yes I will be running at 1920x1080 so now I can save 5 burgers ($20)

Honestly, if you haven't bought fraps already, might I suggest DxTory? It is worlds better, and allows you to play at 1 frame rate while recording another, unlike fraps which, is very CPU intensive will often force the game to play at the same capture rate. I know that wasn't the questiona t hand here, and honestly, if your going to be playing single screen then it won't much matter, but if you want to play multiple screens or have multiple screens running at once, I.e. one playing games, 1 open with a web browser on it etc, then the 3Gb option is best.