2gb 770, 3gb 7970 or 4gb 770

Hey guys.

Ok so here are my 3 options. (keep in mind I am in Australia and computer prices are horrendous)

EVGA SC ACX Gtx 770 2gb = $530

Sapphire Dual-x Hd 7970 $3gb =400

EVGA Classified ACX Gtx 770 4gb= $650

I will be playing lots of demanding games, Crysis 3, BF4 and GTA V. I would like to be playing these games at high detail, I will be using a single monitor. For Now. But would like to upgrade to a triple monitor set-up.

Here are my questions, would the 256 bit bus on the Gtx 770s be a bottleneck in the future on demanding games?

Will the 2gb 7000hz memory be better than the 3gb 6000hz memory on the 7970.

I am not afraid to run a multi-Gpu set-up. In the future.

Any feedback would be appreciated.



I would go with the 770 4gb. it will help alot when you get a multi monitor setup.

Ok. So you don't think that the memory bit bus will give any bottleneck?

The 7970 is the best option for you, price to performance wise, and it comes with Crysis 3 I believe, and AMD will have optimized drivers for Battlefield 4 on day 1. GTA V hasn't been announced for PC yet, but any of these cards would be more than capable of handling it. The memory bus will not bottleneck you. 7000hz memory does help, but not an incredibly amount. 

I would say your options are down to either the 4gb or 3gb cards. Since you want mulitmoniter setups in the future, the extra gigs of memory will help. The GTX 770 just beats out the 7970 but not by much. The 7970 comes with games. 

Another thing to consider is, if you plan on doing SLI or Crossfire, you should look into framerating. Currently, Nvidias SLI has the upper hand when it comes to quality. AMD has yet to release drivers that address the issue and it would be a while before I'd expect some mature drivers.

The 770 seems hell of a lot more expensive. Especially considering I can get a gtx 780 here for that money. Which beats out the 7970 easily. 

I'm gonna go ahead and say get the 7970. Its cheaper and has free games, if Aussie is doing the Never Settle bundle. 

Never settle hadn't crossed my mind. It is available in Australia :) Is there a particular 7970 you could reccommend or do you think that the sapphire one is good?

Sapphire one isn't bad at all. You should also take a look at MSI, and Asus as well. XFX too. Just as long as you don't get a reference card you should be good, the reference cards run hot as hell. Also, keep an eye out for OC or Ghz versions of the card, that's most desirable.

Msi or Asus i would go for because they are not voltage locked last i checked.

You should be getting a gtx 770 4gb, but not for $650...


There is teh GTX 770 4gb by gigabyte.. $579... And it is better than the 7970 on all aspects.

The Overclocked 770's with the aftermarket coolers are performing really well too.

If you want the free games that come with a 7970, then that is good, but thats the only reason to get it though.

Wow, thanks for bringing that model to my attention. didn't know about it :)

no prob man. :)

Or you can get this 7970


for $330

That 770 Classy is the price of a freaking 780!

If you're going to be dropping $650 then you should screw all of those cards and get a gtx780. it will wipe the floor with all of those cards. 


He's in Australia.

Out here the 7970 sits at around $400-480, Gtx 770 sits around $500-650, 780 is around $770-850

I'd still spend the extra $120 for a GTX 780. If not, then I'd go for the 7970.

The gigabyte gtx 770 4gb model is only $580... that is a bit farther away from the gtx 780 at $190 price difference. It's overclockable enough to get greater performance over the 7970 too.

I don't think the extra cash is going to be worth the little extra performance you're going to get out of it over a 7970 though.