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2990WX Threadripper Performance Regression FIXED on Windows* #threadripper | Level One Techs


Can you try indigo in the 1/2 numa node mode? I can test as well


I’ll will put it on Github later today, source and binaries… still old one on there atm.

Will try Indigo and see what it does on the emulated NUMA.


I have a 2990wx, running 64GB Ram - and am happy to test if you let me know what you’d like to look at.


No worries glad you’re getting exposure.

Just watched the video. Brilliant work thank you so much for the explanation!


@wendell This is pretty cool.

You’re geek famous!

It is interesting they won’t say exactly what the issue is even though you aren’t 100% correct. I’m guessing the actual deets are deep in the bowels of copyrighted code.


Likely windows internals above my pay grade.


What? You should have millions of theoretical dollars from these awesome videos you do. You just have to goto the Department of Internet Money to collect.


In this case I think it is like horse shoes and hand grenades. Being close counts.


I really wonder if this is why intel stopped at 28 cores on their 8180… insider knowledge of the windows scheduler that AMD may not have perhaps?


Probably not. Is more likely to be from stuff like manufacturing nodes, heat density, etc


Windows server 19 has this regression. Video soon.