2970wx Workstation build for everything?

Hi there, extremely new here(literally just joined).
Following on youtube for the past 2 years…

I’m not tech savvy and I don’t know anyone that could help me so I’m here.
I’m a freelancer working in several areas: film editing, vfx, archviz… And i’m using different software(Avid Media Composer, 3Ds Max+vray, DaVinci Resolve+Fusion Studio, Unreal Engine, After Effects).
Currently I still have my 2012 pc(i7 2nd gen, 48gb ram, gtx960, 500gb ssd + 2x4 tb storage), and it wasn’t a problem using it(lets say sometimes I’m going for lunch until a render finishes or similar), but this past year luckily work increased and I’m on the hunt for a workstation that will make me more productive and was hoping for a little help from someone regarding compatibility of parts and if they are applicable for my needs.
I looked through countless videos on youtube, read many threads, but found very few regarding workstation builds(I almost never play games, and if I do it’s sniper elite for 2 hours and that’s it).
So I put a list on partspicker as suggested here, it contains the parts I could get where I live and it’s close to my budget of around 3000 euros which you can see here - pcpartpicker. com /list/tPwH9G

The idea is that the workstation will hold me for 2+ years at least. Probably will upgrade to 128gb ram, 2tb nvme and add a second 2080 or 2x2080tis when possible(in a year or so).

I wont be doing overclocking since I have no idea how to do it, but maybe if I learn it and it could benefit my work why not.

Can you give an opinion for this? Any advice will be great since I don’t know much about these things.

Thank you All big time in advance!


I would probably wait for TR Zen2 chips, the core of the build seems fine tho
Do you have local storage sever already? Maybe Raid1 for redundancy since your working on projects that if one drive were to fail would be kinda bad in terms of time lost.

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I already have 20tb in raid1 in a rack, it was setup 1,5 years ago.
As for waiting on the zen2, why not. Since it will probably launch sometime november which means I could get a cpu around end of december or january. Seems reasonable.

Thanks for the reply mate, cheers!

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