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2950x random gui crashes and reboot on Fedora and Manjaro


done both the power change and the kernel line just starting to test if it works. Thanks again


I did your suggested modification and the computer feels much snappier and stable. I still experience some random reboot and gui crashes though. May be I should reseat the cpu again?


random thought could switching from nvme to ssd help?


Ihmm, that shouldn’t matter. Try other nvme slot?


Up ram voltage to 1.37 now?


I reinstall fedora added the line to the kernel upped the ram and cpu voltage it’s been 4 hours no crashes so fingers crossed!!! Thanks again a million I’m gonna leave it for the night and see what’s up in the morning I’ll report back tomorrow morning. (ps I leave in NewCaledonia so the use of morning night today and tomorrow is quite relative lol )


9h38mn and the machine is still up and running without a shadow of a crash. I owe you big time!!! Thanks everyone and thanks you Wendel for taking the time. Keep on the great work.
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