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2700X / B450M Pro4 cooling options


I’m looking into Ryzen 7 mATX builds, specifically 2700X and a B450M Pro4. The issue I’ve run into is that my mATX case has a limitation of 120mm clearance between any cpu and the PSU.

I’m not sure the stock cooler will fit, the sizes I’ve found vary though and I couldn’t a height spec on the AMD product page (anyone confirm the wraith prism height?). I’m also not having much luck finding any coolers < 120mm that will handle the 2700X heat. Anyone have any suggestions for air cooling lower profile without blocking the 16x pci slot or ram on that board?

The case I’m wanting to fit this in is a Coolcube Maxi. It has the added downside that

Edit: Found this review which mentions wraith prism dimensions as

Dimensions: (W)136mm x(H)159.4mm(D)96.3mm(with fan)

I would have expected height to be from cpu up so 159mm? but looking at this youtube video the fan appears to be slightly below the top of the PCI slots which would make the depth figure be the vertical measurement of 96.3mm.

Edit2: Found someone who’s measured it. Looks like the stock cooler will fit height wise at just over 9cm. Hopefully it clears the pci slots too :slight_smile: Hours looking and find the measurement just after posting, typical :stuck_out_tongue:


In case it does not fit, some low profile coolers:
Noctua NH-L12s
Cryorig C1
bequiet Shadowrock TF2
bequiet Dark Rock TF (may have to ditch the top fan)


Maybe you might re-think about the choice going m-atx.
Because honnestlly there’s not really a decent m-atx AM4 board.
Next to that, i´m not sure if its really worth it to limmitate your setup,
goin m-atx wenn you go with the topend cpu.
Of course the Asrock B450M pro4 will work with that cpu.
But if you dont have a case with a great airflow, then the vrm on that board could get toasty a bit.

So unless you really stuck to m-atx, i personally would advice to go atx instead for amd.
And atleast choose a decent X470 board.

Because honnestlly all B- series boards kinda suck as far as the vrm implementations are concerned.


Airflow is one of the main unknowns with this build and one I’ll be looking at closely.

I’ve always bought ITX in the past, but really want to reduce space used if possible without sacrificing performance. It’s a gamble I agree, will have to see how the airflow is and run some tests.

I’m not too worried about the gamble though. If it turns out to be unsuitable for the case I have, the B450 can be either moved into a larger case with better airflow or relegated to a lower end build with the 2700X moved over to an ITX board.


I would strongly suggest you either change the case with something with better airflow for the VRMs or just move to ATX with some decent VRM designs. AM4 and mATX don’t really like each other.