27" 144hz 1ms G-Sync monitor $399 while supplies last!

Just drove to boston to buy their last one, well worth the money gsync is amazing!

acer XB270H


1080p not worth.

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worth it if you dont have sli to run 1440p+ I returned a 1440p panel recently for this one i couldnt drive it and it had horrible performance with a gtx 970 lots of stuttering and felt like there was input lag.

for that price? $400 (with tax around $430)


here's 1440p 27" 144Hz FreeSync

awesome make your own thread about it for amd users

Agreed. While the link they mention is great for Team Red it isn't gsync and as a Team Green man myself for the foreseeable future a freesync monitor does nothing for me at all.

+1 on cosaga response it prevented me from going back into lurker mode for another 2 months :)

1ms lol I'd like that to prove that. Why 27 inch @ 1080p it should be 1440p? I'd rather take 3 inches and buy a 30" 4k monitor.

where are there 4k monitors for $399 with gsync? I returned 1440p monitor had lag latency and ran poorly with gtx 970. im all set with 1440p gaming tested it and it failed. Also I don't want to have to buy a second gpu and larger psu.

Overall thoughts on this monitor:

1: this is a gaming monitor and that is it i still need a secondary for color accuracy projects
2: G Sync works! You have to use it to see its potential
3: great monitor for people who dont have sli or rigs that can push 1440p like myself
4: Feels like it has 0ms input lag even though tests state 25ms it feels faster than the 10ms input lag display i returned.
5: i noticed i dont get eye strain while using monitor for extended periods of time.
6: no flicker
7: feels real time and fast paced movement is butter smooth
8: no sharpness adjustment in osd :(

With gsync enabled im running falloutout 4 maxed out plus AAssx8 and dsr 1.78
so at a virtual 1440p im running fo4 at 120fps+ with gsync enabled i returned a 1440p monitor 60hz and i couldnt get 40fps. Guess there is more to g sync than just butter smooth gameplay it seems to enhance the capacity of my gtx 970 to the point were i dont feel like i need a 980ti anymore.

I will do a full review soon.