2560x1440 on Dell U2711 over HDMI (on window$)

I’ve been forced to use windows! I can’t get it to work properly with my monitor. Usually I have my main monitor a Dell U2711 connected via HDMI and I set a custom resolution with reduced blanking using xrandr. This works perfectly. I’ve been trying to create a custom resolution with CRU under windows and I can’t get it to work. I’ve tried creating a custom detailed resolution with CVT-RB standard at 2560x1440 and then running restart64. But the output stays at 1920x1080.

Any help with this issue is much appriciated.

Also I don’t want to use display port because I’m using a KVM and it only has HDMI. So it would be very inconvenient.

What do you mean? I assume your saying there’s something wrong with my post and it will be deleted in 36 hours?

Can you provide me with a reason for the withdrawal?

I’m not a mod. i withdrew MY post, not yours.

But the cliffnotes.

I posted that the monitor does not support anything beyond 1080p over HDMI per DELL spec. I looked into this for Windows and MacOS as i have an identical unit at work.

But then read you got it to work with custom setup under linux.

I suspect you won’t be able to do that with windows but i’m not sure. The KVM will be another obstacle.

Either way, per spec, the monitor does not support what you are trying to do over HDMI.

It works over the KVM at 2560x1440 on BSD fine. Also I found a post on a forum that said someone got it to work under windows using the Nvidia control panel (I don’t have an Nvidia GPU though.) Also thanks for your reply and I’ve not made a post on this forum before so I didn’t really understand the withdraw message :sweat_smile:.

Also as far as I understand the version of HDMI the monitor has has enough bandwidth to support 2560x1440 and I’ve of course confirmed this as it does work. I think the problem is that the monitor doesn’t report that it supports 2560x1440 over HDMI. But There must be some way to force it to work under windows.

can be made to work under linux and “supported” are two different things :joy:

the kvm in path will i suspect be particularly troublesome as it may only negotiate a link speed that the monitor reports that it supports.

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I don’t think the KVM will be a problem. I’ve already been using it with the KVM. It works fine under FreeBSD over the KVM with the custom resolution.

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There’s got to be a way to get it to work under Windows. I mean as I’ve said it works perfectly under FreeBSD and presumably Linux.

What graphics driver in windows is responsible for driving the display?

I think they all have custom resolution options nowadays, it’s perhaps worth me noting that the intel driver on Windows 10 will allow a custom resolution to be created, but won’t actually apply it until the computer has been rebooted, despite the driver thinking it has applied it, something to do with the new Windows driver model I think.

Realistically though, your best bet might be to wire displayport to your Dell, then change inputs on the monitor as well as switching the KVM as required.


I was using the iGPU in my 3770k. I just put my R9 290 in it though and I tried to set a custom resolution with reduced blanking in the AMD software and it wouldn’t let me do it. It just said something along the lines of it not being supported. Which seems super stupid. Like what’s the point of a custom resolution if it won’t let you set it. The thing is I know it works. If the driver would just let me do it!