2560x1440 27" vs 1920x1080 22" PPI/DPI

I did some research on calculating PPI and what is the reason to having a bigger screen with more pixels. 

I currently have a Asus 22" TFT V222H (manufactured April 2009) and Achieva Shimian 27" LED QH270 Lite IPS (manufactured mid- 2013).


I wanted to do some comparison between these two monitors because since I have both and many people have 22-24" monitors running at 1080p, I want to show or try to explain what you will be getting with a higher pixel/bigger resolution, But not necessarily DPI or PPI.


First of all the biggest change you will see is SIZE!

Asus coming in around 22" (diagonal measured) vs Achieva at 27" (diagonal measured) 



Asus is around 300 Nits vs Achieva around 350-400 nits Depending on where you go

Asus has TFT TN panel vs Achieva is a S-IPS with LED backlighting


Button layout

Asus has a nice lay out like every other monitor with brightness/contrast/menus/volume(if avil).

Achieva has an On/Off and Brightness and 4 other buttons that do NOTHING!


Response times (this is what you look for when gaming)

Asus has a 5ms response vs the slow Achieva with 6ms (you will be shot and not even know it!)

Gaming computer has 2ms or less! 



Asus Matte finish with anit glare VS Achieva Gloss/mirror (looks ugly when light its you from behind) 


Refresh rates

Both monitors are stuck at 60 Htz. But I did find forums that you could overclock the htz to 75 or 93 with the Achieva. 


Asus has HDMI, DVI, and VGA great connectivity because I could hook up my laptop and desktop and another thing and switch from devices I had hooked VS Achieva one (I repeat ONE) dual link DVI. (thick ass cable)


I thought this was the most interesting find of these monitors. Asus monitor = 102.46PPI Achieva monitor = 108.79PPI. Not much difference. 

But that is terms of how many pixels are in those inches Asus with 10498pixels and Achieva with 11834 pixels giving us a 1345 more pixels per inch. You might not think that that is a lot considering a 22in panel has 2 million pixels while the Achieva has 3686400 pixels!!! That's crazy!


As far as buying a 1440p monitor, (if you have the money sure why not), but for people that are thinking of buying one, save your money because you must have a strong card that can handle making all these pixels to your screen (any card with 3gb+ ~ 7950, 680, 780) You need at least $400 invested in monitor (used 250-300) and a badass video card that is $250-400 to run these resolutions. Youtube is ever growing with 4k or 1440p content but you must have the bandwidth for all the media. I tried using Keepvid but it doesn't let you download content over 720p resolution. (what gives). So even trying to see the amazing power of the screen is limited to games, and the little content that is online. (Netflix is thinking soon to bring you that 4k). Bottom line I would wait a few more years when prices of everything come down and we have the infrastructure for this resolution. Right now you are just buying a big 27" screen. 




I won't talk about price because that is always fluctuating. 

********More about this screen review.***********


I have the same Shimian that you do.  My GTX 580 feels a bit dated with that monitor unfortunately.  Although, it's still a monster of a card and can handle almost every game on that monitor at High settings (but not Ultra).  Admittedly, i turn AA off cause it's way too demanding on the card with only 1500MB of RAM.  

nice analysis. 

I think it is a fair analysis as far as a nice 1080p monitor versus a cheap 1440p. If you pay the premium for a nice 1440p from ASUS, you are getting a better quality panel overall. 5ms response times, no dead pixels et cetera. Only problem with my 1440p panel is probably the refresh rate. In comparison to just about anything. It does cost arm and a leg for a panel such as this, and something like a 280x to power it.

 You need at least $400 invested in monitor

I bought my X-star dp2710 for $310 This included a $30 pixel perfect premium. so without it it was 280usd your typical korean brand price fluctuates around $340 I've seen

Response times (this is what you look for when gaming)

Asus has a 5ms response vs the slow Achieva with 6ms (you will be shot and not even know it!)

Gaming computer has 2ms or less! 

I personally have used a variety of different monitor and i can not tell the difference. and may other people will not see it either. However when i used a 1ms response monitor (courtesy of a friend) i did notice a tiny improvement when compared to my 8ms X-star. But this is different from person to person. some people can notice it others can not. There is also the potential of motion blur. there is a very small amount on this monitor but i don't play racing games so it's of no concern for me.


Refresh rates: Almost every single monitor sold today is 60hz, you'll have to pay premium to get the fast 120hz or 144hz panels. I've seen the Korean monitors go up to 120hz easy. I'd say a good 70% of them can get to 96. Mine personally can get to 113hz (470Mhz pixel clock cap) I can see a difference between 120hz and 60, it's small but noticeable

PPI: a 22in 1080p monitor has a lower PPI than a 27in 1440p monitor (100 vs 109(ish))



EDIT: that thread (although i like it, +1 to OP) is over 18months old

I just got this 1440p monitor not to long ago. and I'll do more testing around with it. But I can most definitely say that I will not get a GLOSSY monitor again. (I cannot have lights on behind you or be on a white page.) 

I think another point that I forgot got was the build quality. (I said button layout)
Both monitors have a pivot hinge so you can tilt the screen up and down all of 15 degrees. With the Asus monitor you need to use two hands to tilt the screen, where as the Achiava you can just push with a finger the desired angle. Both monitors are full of plastic but I feel Asus has the edge over the Achiva because it doesn't feel to heavy for the stand and because there isn't any side bleeding (forgot the word for that). The plastic might be tighter fitting on the Asus monitor. 


I've been reading on forums about the texts getting smaller. This is true and I have to bring the monitor closer to my face to make out this forum and other word documents. (I think it might seem closer because it's sooooo much bigger in comparison. 

****My biggest complaint that I've heard of so far is that all these panels are made in Korea and if you have a defective/RMA you have to return with your own monies, and that's $100. I guess that would be a deterrent for buying a screen because that means you can get another one for weeks because of shipping, Depending on how fast you ship.  

computer specs: 

Rosewill Challenger Black case

Asus m4a79xtd EVO

8 GB G skill 1600 mhz cas9

AMD Phenom II 965 3.2 ghz 

Coolermaster hyper 212+ 

AMD ATI Radeo HD 7950 3gb OC 900mhz 

240GB Mushkin chronos Deluxe 6gb/s

3 x 1 TB Western Digital caviar black 64mb cache Raid 0+1

Liteon DVD/CD RW combo/Bluray reader

Thermaltake 650W TR2 (not 80 plus)

Achieva Shimian 27" 2560x1440p & Asus H222 1920x1080




Thanks for the feedback and I might have more input when I have more hours with this beautiful screen. Happy holidays! 

the the OP it seemed like you were generalizing 1440p but to be fair, it's the acheva that has the glossy screen. Matte Master Race (except in very few circumstances)

same goes for build quality and features. those are heavily dependent on the brand and model. My X-star has 5 buttons brightness +/-  speakers +/- and then power. and then only one DL-DVI connector. I didn't have the money to get another brand (eg asus). but I'm ok lacking some more features. It does what it needed.

Yea,... returning the panels to Korean is a pain in the ass. foruently my pixel perfect premium paid off.