2500k plus 7950 on a single 120 rad?

New case, FT03 micro atx, and I was wondering if I were to put a monstrous thick 80mm rad at 20 FPI in push-pull with either sp120's or gentle typhoons mounted at the top of the case.

In theory, a rad like this would have similar dissipation to a single slim 280mm rad.



If they were not overclocked I would think it could handle it but I would get a 240 or 2 120's.  I guess you could look up what temps people get with one just on there cpu and see how good the performance is with just one component on the rad

I would stay from a single 120 for both a cpu and gpu loop. The lowest i would go is a single 240 rad for both of them when they are not overclocked.

See, here's the deal, though, we can look at this mathematically like this:
Maximum thickness 120mm rad: 80*120*120= 1,152,000 cubic mm of dissipation area
Slim 280mm rad: 30*140*280= 1,176,000 cubic mm of dissipation area. 

Slim 280 with 20fpi have already proven to be good enough cooling to handle both gpu and cpu in many small builds.

Are you going to use a Monsta 120? If so, it should be okay if you undervolt the CPU, and keep the clocks near stock.