$2500-$2700 Gaming PC

I will be building a gaming pc this summer of the price range $2500-$2700 I will only be gaming and recording gameplay videos to post on Youtube.


This is what I have so far: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/3mrpY

I would prefer to stick with the AMD CPU :P Thanks!

Well, ain't that a beast.

Are you going to be recording and playing using eyefinity/across all 3 monitors?  If so, you may want to look into a dual GPU setup as a single 780ti might not be able to push that many pixels.

Nah, eyefinity is weird, I'll use one for the game, one for the forum for that game, and the other for Facebook or something

Ah.  Well then.

I would think it would be better to have a single SSD + HDD.  That way you won't have to mess around with RAID and stuff.


would work just fine.

Also, if you're not planning to add another card into your system, your power supply wattage could go down.  A high quality 600w would power everything just fine.

Otherwise, everything looks great.


wouldnt somthing like that be better? changed the GPU and ssd


I would also consider getting another mobo, maybe the asrock 990fx fatality killer ;)

If I may ask, why are you preferring an AMD CPU at this budget?


I've just always preferred AMD over Intel, they've never let me down. I currently have the 8350 and it's a perfect chip in my opinion.


The asrock is cheaper and it has some nice features, by example you can install an M.2 SSD (better than sata 3 standard) on it.

I'm not on any sort of tight budget :P I really don't like Asrock 

this is what I suggest


full tower cases take up way to damn much room for no reason

you do not need 16gb of ram if you just gaming and recording gameplay

you can switch out the mouse and the keyboard for whatever you want

you don't need three monitor's because you said you were only using one for gaming                                                                                                                                                                                                           you can use the 1tb ssd for storage and the hard drive as backup for said ssd

and last but not least i just saved you 100$ to spend on clothes food or activities 


Don't get a Razer Deathadder. They are not worth the money.

I concur, I owned a deathadder  for 2 years (Naga 2013 now). The only thing wrong with it is the black finish is wearing down. for 50 - $60 it's a great little trooper.