$2500 - 2700 Build

I am building a new pc, it is going to be used primarly for gaming, but also some renderering and editing (enough that I want a i7). I would like it to fit in a mid tower case, (eATX, and room for a 240mm at the top). I already have two screens and all the peripherals.I do need an OS (Might go Linux at first)

Please post you suggestions

What country are you in so that I con use a website near you?

Here: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/xgzD

It leaves only $50, but that SSD can be replaced by a cheaper one (such as a Corsair Force 3, or a Samsung 840 standard), but for 256GB, that is a pretty good deal - and the speed! The Fractal Design cases are my favorite, by far. For gaming, at least for the next 6 months, Windows is the best bet for now, but Linux will - within a year, I personally believe - become the better choice, as soon as Steam is finished for Linux. Linux is a better OS overall, being much more secure, faster, and looks better (my opinion). You could wait for Ivy Bridge-E series processors to come out, but they will probably be more expensive. That case also comes in black and 'Arctic White.' It has room for the cooler, but you can use the Fractal Design Xl rev 2 if you want a bigger case (I have the original FD XL USB 3.0 and it is fantastic). You could use a 256GB Samsung 840 Pro to bring it into budget. There are 7x140mm fans for a reason - A.) They are the best fans I have ever seen (they move as much air as 200mm fans) B.) It maxes out your case and radiator. The NZXT Kraken x60 can use up to 4x140mm fans, and the case can use up to 3x140mm fans. Those will keep your case extremely cold. I believe the R4 comes with 2x140mm and an 180mm fan built in, but these are far better. Just remember that you can always buy more storage later - I would recommend purchasing a 512GB or a second 256GB and put them in RAID later on. For now, this build will kill everything. The motherboard supports up to 32GB more RAM, in case 32GB isn't enough (which it is - it is overkill). I hope you enjoy this build - I made a very similar one a few weeks ago and it is fantastic! Hope I helped!


-Brennan Riddell

I live in Norway, but everything is so expencive here, went form $4000 in Norway to $2600 including shipping when i got the parts from USA. So just do newegg, that is fine

Intel cpu cant have ram voltages over 1.6v change the ram and ur good

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I changed a few things around. 16GB momory, 2x Kingston HyperX 3K 240GB (Raid 0), Fractal Design Arctic White w/Window.