$250 Headphones with mic

I been recently been looking for a good set of headphones with a built in mic for around $250. I am a college student so budget is tight. What I will use the headphones for is mainly music. I am also a gamer and they will be used for gaming but the main focus is music. I am also not an audiophile but I am a musician and do enjoy a good sound from my headphones.

I mainly use my laptop that has a 4 pole audio jack. I would like to just plug one cable into the jack rather than having 2 cables and a splitter. The audio from the jack is clear and I never have had any noise from any headphones. I also would like to be able to use them on a PS4. 

I have had turtle beaches and asto a40 (that just broke) but they never have sounded good with music. I have been using my Sennheiser earbuds for the last 2 years for my music.Not sure what earbuds they are but I know I paid like $80 for them and they don’t have a mic. I like the sound of the earbuds but don’t really care for how they feel in my ear. I also feel they lack something in the sound. I have never owned a good pair of headphones.

My music style is a lot or rock and metal but is I listen to many genre. 

I know that i might be asking for a lot but thought that i might as well ask and see what kind of response i get 

Did you just miss this or ..? :)


  1. what kind of sound do you like flat detailed and crisp or muddy & big bass?
  2. will you be in a noisy environment or where others would be bothered by hearing your music?
  3. why a combo headset?

you should get a decent set of cans and a modmic

Let me get this out of the way right out of the gate. You won't find many (maybe any at all) headphones with a 4-pole connector and built in mic. What you can find is stuff designed for use with smartphones and the like. If you are ok with iems, then you can get that 1 cable requirement that you have, otherwise, forget about it.

My recommendation is to get a pair of headphones and a desktop mic, though your laptop should have a built in mic which you can use, so I am not sure why you need another on in the first place (no real reason to have two unless you really don't like the built in one, but for voip, it should be just fine). Anyway, there are plenty of usb desktop mics on Amazon. You could also go with the modmic if that suits you better.

As per usual, my recommendation for a very well rounded set of cans in that price range is the HP100 (or perhaps the HP150). There are plenty of reviews of the HP100 at least around the internet if you want to look into the sound signature, but overall, they are well balanced with plenty of sub bass (the HP150 has a more V-shaped sound signature).

Anyway, do some reading about it all, and look at the options available to you. You aren't likely going to find exactly what you are looking for with the requirements that you have.

I did see the new headset video but I wanted to spend a bit more money then $50 

The sound I generally is a bit bassy and warm. For the most part I plan on using this in my dorm room. 

One of the biggest things why I want a combo is that my laptops mic sucks and picks up everything. I also will be using the mic for skype along with other things. I also don’t really want a bunch of wires all over my desk or work area depending where I am.

This is what I would prefer not necessary and would go with a headset with a separate mic if I need to.

 I was thinking if all else fails I was looking at some things on massdrop




DT880 is a good choice. HP100 is closed though. I personally prefer closed (I know that Logan claimed that open is superior, but that simply isn't true, they are just different). I don't always want sound leaking in and out of my headphones. With fully opened, you sometimes feel like you just have speakers strapped to your head. I'm listening to music on my Q701 at a reasonable volume and can still hear myself typing just fine. With my HP100, that simply doesn't happen. Again, DT880 is a great choice though, if you are ok with open. They also need amplification more than the HP100, and are a bit more expensive (even with the massdrop discount). Also, with the coiled cable of the HP100, you can feed the cable from the mod mic through the middle, keeping cabling simple.The DT770 is a decent option too, but it is a bit more colored and bass happy for my tastes. If that is ok with you, then it is a good choice. Beyer makes great products.