$25 LTC to whoever can walk a noob through GPU Passthrough w/vfio on Threadripper

Noob trying to install 2xVM’s with a GTX 1080 passed through to each.

Have installed the patched Kernel (posted by Wendell recently) on Fedora 27, however for the life of me I cannot find the correct configuration, But I’ve been seeing plenty of success stories.

I’m out of my depth, $25 USD via LTC to the person that can walk me through this step by step via Discord.

Payment upfront



first problem noob trying to use nvida for pass through bad idea. headache after headache will ensue when using nvida and going for 2 at once is just asking for more trouble leave it at one and be happy if you get it working.


Follow the Arch Wiki guide, it’s pretty comprehensive and easy enough to follow.

Where exactly is your configuration going wrong?

If you could give us the problem you ran into and the exact configuration of your system it would make helping you quite a bit easier.
I could explain stuff you don’t understand though, so contact me if you need help.

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Threadripper is a bit problematic. we have a description of what to do to fix its myriad problems here:

Config as follows:
1920X on Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 7,
2x GTX 1080 + Rx480

On Fedora 27 with Kernel 4.16rc0 with tr.patch applied

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On completion

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Passing one flag to KVM is hardly a bad idea, nor does it qualify the person as a “noob”.

My 1080Ti begs to differ