24% idle CPU usage

Does anybody know what could possibly be keeping my CPU usage at a 24% load DESPITE having gone through task manager and process explorer and terminating everything that's eating resources? I've gone through my services and disabled or set to manual all unnecessary things that load when the system boots as well. I know my stuff when it comes to that. There is seriously nothing running and its giving me a 24% CPU load. My system specs are - Corsair Carbide 200R, Gigabyte 760G AM3+ MoBo, AMD FX 4300 Vishera CPU w/ CM 212 EVO, Corsair XMS 8GB (2x4) Mem., Toshiba 1TB 7200rpm HDD, 24x LG DVD burner, Corsair CX600 PSU, Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.
My buddy tells me its just Windows using it...like the desktop, start menu etc...but how is it that my mothers computer is an ancient pentium D dual core running Windows 7 Ultimate as well, and itll sit at 0-5% at an idle? My PC is brand new, a month or two old at best. The system still runs flawlessly so there's no noticeable issues, but I've also never tried gaming with it. Im worried that when I purchase my GPU and start to game, I will be playing my games with already 24% of my CPU under stress before I even start playing! I want my entire CPU capacity there for my games to utilize if need be. Its essentially making 1 out of my 4 cores run at 100% non stop. 

Any advice I can get Id be more than thankful for! Also, I've been told that I should try reinstalling Windows but lets just say that I cant do that unless I were to go buy it. When I bought my PC in a DIY combo from Newegg, I told my buddy about it and he told me not to worry about the OS that he'll hook me up with it. Came over, installed it, that was that. Honestly though Im considering buying Windows 7 Home, I think it would be better because Ultimate just has a bunch of extra crap that I dont think Ill ever need. Im sure the extra stuff attached to Ultimate must cause some sort of extra CPU stress? I dont know. All I know is, I bet if I went out and grabbed Win7 Home and installed it, my problem would go away. What do you guys think? If I "downgrade" so to speak, from Windows 7 Ultimate to 7 Home, do I lose anything good? 

Thank you for taking the time to read.

TL;DR - please break this up into paragraphs. A lot easier to read. High idle CPU usage is always caused by some process or another. It can be tricky to find, especially if it hides in a host process. Continue looking.

As for installing Home over your ultimate install, that could fix your issue, but so would re-installing Ultimate. I don't have any CPU usage issues with Win7 Ultimate, even when I had it installed on my Acer netbook, which has an AMD C-60 APU rocking two under-powered Bobcat cores at 1GHz.

Well, this may not be it, but it is worth a shot. Check under power settings in the control panel. Go to advanced power settings and then look at CPU power management. For some reason when I first got my laptop it was set that the minimum CPU state was set at 90%. The cpu whould run at max for no reason. 

I had it all into paragraphs and had it all typed out nice and perfect with my system specs in a list one by one on top of one another instead of one by one after one another... then I posted it and it bulked it all together and made it look horrible, so I went in and edited it to make it look as best as possible. Perhaps theres some sort of feature to this forum that you need to use to paragraph your wording because simply doing it myself did not work. Thanks for the reply. 

DerKrieger, here, this is what you mean right? Hows mine look?




Lol...see...I listed those links one on top of the other, i did not put one after the other. Whats the secret to paragraphing?

Shift+enter does nothing

Hitting enter does though

If all else fails...

Reinstall windows.

Works like a charm.

Well, I came across a blog which explains a similar issue, and it had to do with a buggy (Broadcom) driver, specifically, not interacting with the PCIe bus efficiently. If you want to decypher some of the jargon yourself, you can find the blog here:


So, with that said, I suspect it might be a driver issue.

wow.... something is definitely wrong. im using an old AMD Athalon dual core 4850e with windows Ultimate, and i hame antivirus/firewall/Chrome with 5 tabs up and im getting 2-10%