24" dual monitor setup

Hello everyone,

after watching some of the channels yt vidz I got inspired to upgrade my monitors.

I run 2 x 24" and I think i want to stay on that size due to limited desk space.

The monitor is mostly used for gaming and watching streams, some text productivity stuff.
Budget wise I’m open from trying some noname asian stuff to premium as long as price-performance ratio makes sense for me.
I will run them @ 120Hz (can have more, doesnt hurt right?).
Good image quality and no strange stuff (plz be standard rgb panles)
And the catch… I would love 16:10 ones, also 16:9 suggestions are welcome too.

Any thoughts?

PS: One idea I cant shake is also to buy a 32:10/9 with two inputs, but i can not stand curved monitors so maybe not good?

Sorry for my chaos train of thought but it feels like maybe this is the right place for that :slight_smile:


16:10 in 24" with more than 75Hz ain’t happenin :frowning:

My suggestion would be 2x AOC 24G2U

hmmmm :frowning:

Having run dual 23s, single ultrawide 29 and various other sizes over the years, i’ve recently settled on a single 27". (16x9).

I feel it is the best compromise between

  • screen space
  • physical size/desk space required
  • cost
  • compatibility with games - every game runs fine in either 16x9 or 4x3 - ultrawide can be a pain in the ass, especially with older games (no support for the res, hacks sometimes work, sometimes stretch stuff and cause UI bugs, FOV distortion,etc. ). It’s also sometimes a pain in the ass web web-video players, etc. Aspect is wrong and you either end up with epic vertical letterboxing, or stretched. Sure 4:3 on 16:9 is letterboxed too, but nowhere near as bad as it is on 21:9 or 32:9 :smiley:
  • not needing to turn your head, etc.

In your case coming from 2x 24s, i’d also consider a 30 inch (or larger?) single 16:9 display?

IMHO, after doing duals for a long time, I feel that a single larger screen is superior, and i’ve gone back to single screens everywhere.

I find with 2 monitors, i end up using 1 mostly anyway (even multi-tasking) due to sitting primarily in front of one of them and the other is awkwardly off to the side. Sitting in the middle of the two means you’re always turning your head off-centre.

For gaming, dual screens suck (bezel in centre), so you need 3, and that just gets very space consuming. Just get a big, high res single screen is my vote…

A single 27+ at 4k is pretty usable for 4 windows on it imho (one in each corner).

Also +1 to AOC. I was wary, but bought one 2 days ago (not a gaming model, the U2790PQU) and am pretty happy. Much better built than the ASUS MX299 i had previously. Blacks are blacks, very little backlight bleed, IPS, etc.

That specific model is not probably what you want because its only 60hz (i didn’t buy for high refresh, wanted IPS, 4k, colour accuracy and cheap) - but as a representative of what you get out of AOC these days i’m very impressed.

I very seriously considered a 30-43" single screen but glad i didn’t in retrospect, the 43" would have been comically over-sized and just simply way too large for my desk, and would mean constantly turning my head looking around to find things on the screen :rofl:

Also on the 21:9 experience… (mine was a 29"). Vertical space is lacking, make sure you see what you’re buying first if you go ultra-wide - i always felt vertically cramped. The diagonal numbers make them sound a lot bigger than they are. Movies, if in 2.3:1 aspect look great on 21:9. Some of my DVDs and other content are actually in 21:9 and looked great. But… the majority aren’t (and you end up with BOTH vertical AND horizontal letterboxing on such content - your player ends up playing 2.3:1 letterboxed in 16:9 on your display!! - postage stamp style!). I wish 21:9 took off for TVs/home cinema (where it would be great!), but it didn’t. Such a shame.

Presumably the letter-boxing, content, etc. issues with 32:9 will be similar or even worse than it was for me with 21:9. I could be wrong. but definitely look into it seriously before going down that path. Particularly with older games, if you play them.

It may sound great in theory, but reality - the software side may suck, especially for games and media.

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