21:9 monitor connected to a laptop

Hello. My laptop is very ok for the type of games I play and is basically new. It also has a 1080p monitor but these new 21:9 monitors are really really stunning. I was thinking about getting one. 

My machine has just :

1 x VGA port/Mini D-sub 15-pin for external monitor

1 x HDMI

Which port should I use to connect it to the 21:9, in case I buy it? As far as I know you need a DVI to connect a tower to a monitor. Is VGA still ok? It sounds pretty outdated to me. HDMI would be ok for movies I guess, what about everyday use and gaming?


If you used the VGA cable for the 21:9 monitor it wouldn't look great. The picture would be fuzzy and develop some artefacts at resolutions above 1080p(ish). HDMI will also have lower latency than VGA so it'll be good for gaming.