2019 Macbook Air mobo swap

Hey guys,

So one of our clients had a 2019 Macbook Air that they spilled sweet tea on which, of course, killed it dead. They didn’t have Apple Care, and we found it was gonna cost somewhere close to $1000 to take it for repairs at the Genius Bar. So they decided to just get the new model.

I suggested they take it to third party repair like Rossman Group, but i was overruled because my company doesn’t want to stand behind “third party repairs”. Whatever.

Question: If i purchase a new motherboard off Ebay, will there be any problems with installing it in this chassis without replacing the touchpad, keyboard, or batteries? I figure the touch ID button is probably going to need to be swapped, but i don’t know what other components might be tied to that T2 chip.

I don’t want this for myself, i am not a fan of Apple devices, but my girlfriend is and i figure it might be a nice christmas present for her.

Thanks for any help you can offer

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