2015 Macbook Pro Displayport L1 KVM Switch Incompatibility?

Context: I bought the level 1 single display kvm switch with display port recently and am having trouble with one of my computers using it. I have a PC (1080Ti with displayport) and a 2015 Macbook Pro (has thunderbolt 2 output instead of displayport) that I hate having to constantly switch cables around and peripherals to switch between them to use my Alienware AW3418DW monitor since it has only 1 display port and 1 HDMI (I could plug my Macbook Pro into the hdmi port to make life easier, but it is capped at only 50 Hz compared to the 120 Hz I can get when using display port). I bought the kvm switch hoping to make my life easier.

Problem: So, I can successfully get my PC to connect with my monitor when going through the KVM switch (and gsync works!!!). When I try to connect my macbook pro to my monitor by going through the KVM switch, my Macbook Pro thinks it has an external display connected, but my monitor fails to display anything–it thinks nothing is connected and will actually go to sleep on me. I’ve tried different mini display port to display port cables of varying quality and length, and they all exhibit the same behavior. I’ve tried power cycling everything (monitor, computers, and the kvm itself). I’ve also tried the other thunderbolt 2 port on my Macbook Pro. All attempts have failed to get it working.

Has anyone had success connecting a thunderbolt 2 apple computer to a monitor when using the level 1 displayport kvm switch? Do I need an ultra specific cable? Do I need a repeater?

Any ideas or help is greatly appreciated!

Unfortunately I am running into this same problem with a late 2015 mac book pro and the 4x2 DP KVM.

Macbook sees the display, but no output on the display.

Same issue here. 2x4 Displayport 1.2 KVM can’t get signal through from a 2019 MacBook pro.

MacBook could output to monitors directly, but not through the KVM. Tried lots of fixes, different cables, etc. No Luck.

You might try a short bidirectional usbc to dp cable. Brand matters a lot. What display? The repeater likely will fix it too but with recent bidirectional usbc cables mostly isn’t needed anymore

I used to recommend Moshi but one time someone got one and it didn’t work so they sent it to me and I took the cable apart and internally it was completely different than the one I had
Fake? they changed the internals randomly? so idk

Moshi bidirectional usbc

Here it is working tho
I bough a 2015 mbp as in op to test.