$200ish MOBO good for OC on 8350

Hello all.

I need help choosing my MOBO. I have an 8350 which I am very happy with, the build will be probably 70% gaming 30% workstation once finished. But for now I am now looking for mobo's. But I'm having some trouble. I want an all black or black and white mobo. I was looking at the GA-990FXA-UD3. I liked that it was completely black but have been doing a bit of research and have found that perhaps it may not be the best thing for overclocking ... at all. I know looks aren't important in the long run but damn it I went with my heart over my head with the CPU and case so far and I don't see any reason to change.

So I posit this question to minds much more knowledgeable than mine, Are there any monochrome AM3+ mobo's for around $200 that will be good long term for a mild overclock, say around 4.5 to 4.7Ghz?

Or am I going to have to get a mobo with a strong secondary colour on it :(


Well, the Gigabyte UD7 990FX doesn't have that strong of a secondary color.

Yeah it looks ok but it would blow my budget a bit. If there's anything with a little red on it for around the $200 mark I would probably be ok with it.

Well the ASRock 990FX Extreme9 is pretty much all black and is a few dollars cheaper than the Gigabyte UD7 990FX board, but those ore really the only ones I can find that are nearly all black.

Yea basically UD7 or extreme9 are your best options, the UD3 isn't a very good motherboard particularly for overclocking, heard a huge number of complaints about fried UD3s.

almost any of the 990fx boards. I would recommend the sabertooth or spend the extra 20$ for a crosshair

not entirely true, UD3 i have runs @ 4.5 on my 24/7 build, my best overclock was 4.8ghz but i was worried because i live in vegas, very hot place.  People complain about UD3 because overclocking is pain because you have to add extra voltage to NB which you wouldn't have to on other boards. Also overclocking with the NB @ 2600 is impossible.  If you go down to 2400/2200 depending what kind of video card u have, it overclocks real well.  AMD prefers 2200 NVidia likes 2400.

  1. Asus crosshair V formula Z
  2. Asus 990FX Sabertooth R2.0
  3. Asrock 990FX  extreme 9
  4. Asrock 990FX Fatal1ty Professional

I apparently got lucky with Gigabyte 990fxa-ud3 as I have a 4.7ghz OC which is rock solid stable. My board is rev 1.1, so not sure if I just got really lucky or the quality is dependent on board revision??? I know another guy who is using rev 3.0 with his FX-6300 and he hits 4.8 with just hyper evo 212. I would try to find some newer reviews on the new revision of the board as I have heard that they fixed some issues with the vrm cooling (new heat sink design). Drop me a PM if you need any help with your OC eh??

You would be dumb to get anything but the Sabertooth R2.0 or the Crosshair V. Honestly.

um well not every one has the money to drop on that board. in this case. But ive use boards that are far less that get great overclocks.... *cough cough* my biostar 990fx

I have the Asus Sabertooth 990FX REV 2.0, and my FX-8350 is on a 24/7 5.0GHz OC