2004 Dodge Stratus R/T Mods

Yes yes I know this is a technology dominate forum but I figured I ask here. I'm looking to modify my 2004 Dodge Stratus R/T, it has the Mitsubishi engine (I believe the 6G72 engine) under the hood. I'm looking at possibly adding a turbo and a new air in take. I'm not as good at cars as I am at computers so I'm hoping some like minded techies can point me in the right direction. Anyone here have a Dodge Stratus?

I've already done some basic mods, replaced the LEDs inside with blue, updated the sound system, etc. I've also replaced parts on the car, because mechanics be expensive so I know my way around a wrench.

For god sakes don't dump any more money into a dodge stratus. That is the BEST possible direction I can point you.

Yes. About 8 years ago every high schooler had one with a half blown head gasket and shock towers half collapsed from rust.

Look I'm not here to make fun of your car , I'm just trying to tell you not to put any money into it. The stratus was never a good/reliable car. It was always destined to be a cheap car that gets passed onto kids , much like the mecury sable.

If you turbo this car , you'll only end up with a blown engine , it's just not worth it.


This is the one with the Mitsubishi engine it, not that shitty Chrysler one. Was it the same engine? I know the Chrysler Stratus were total garbage and steered clear of them. So far it's a great car and no issues for the year I've had it. It was extremely well maintained.

Yea that engine is used more in chrysler vehicles throughout the 90's and early 2000s than it was mitsibishi. The closest thing that was similar was the 2000-05 eclipse / 1990-99 3000 gt and those aren't really know for being very reliable either.

I gotta say it's not really an infamously good engine in terms of reliability or power. You'd really be better off with a different platform. See if you can sell the stratus to someone and use the cash to get something a little more known to turbo or mod. This is just the wrong car for it.

Well that particular engine should be a good base for a turbo setup.
The Dodge stealth RT seems to have the same engine, but then with twin turbo´s at 321HP.
According to wiki.

But for the rest i dont know much about this stuff unfortunatly.
But im pretty sure some users that will know more from this stuff.

Alright I'll keep that in mind, thanks for the advice it's just I have really bad luck getting used cars. This is the first one I've had that hasn't died on me. Maybe I'll hold off on the mods until I get a newer car in a few years.

Or get one of those Volkswagen bugs from the 70's. Love those things.

The time you actually build the engine to take the additional power from the F.I either supercharger or turbo, it is likely worth the cost. If you don't build the engine first (forged pistons etc) then it would likely come to an unfortunate end unless you know of many others doing similar mods to the same car with a positive outcome although your luck may vary from theirs too...

I was in a similar situation in the past, had a Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7 V8, Kenne Bell made a S/C kit for the car but only for a few years so getting hold of one was virtually impossible. I just left it alone and done CAI, custom remap and exhaust work instead.

I've had my '04 Stratus R/T for a while now, and i's been nothing but a great car for me. I've been looking to modify mine too. What appears to be the consensus is, the Eclipse has the same engine, but with an optional turbo. The ones that actually had a turbo inside usually blew out. I wouldn't look too hard into turbos, but an air intake would definitely be a good option.

I know this is dead but I have an 04 3.0 that is pushing 220,000 miles. Those engines are solid through and through with proper maintenance. Mexico came out with a version that was supercharged. I believe years 03 through 05. Anyone know ab any info on what kind of setup goes with that? Btw the 2.7 stratus is the one to stay clear of. The 2.4s and 3.0s are solid.