$2000 Workstation Build

I have a budget of about $2000. This will be for video editing in Premiere Pro and compositing in After Effects. I will also do light gaming rarely on this computer. I need a good mechanical keyboard and mouse, but I have plenty of monitors. I also need an OS for the build. I want to buy most of the components during black friday and cyber monday when there cheaper.




Case will be a Fractal Design Define R5.  If you can't find it, just go with a Define R4, then.

I don't know what kind of mouse grip you have, or keyswitch type you prefer.  I've left the mouse out and gone with a relatively basic mechanical keyboard for now.

Not sure if you want to overclock or not.

I don't do a whole lot of rendering, so this is going to be merely a starting point.  2011-3 build.


May want to consider a seller in the buy/sell/trade forum who's selling Windows keys on the cheap as well.


Not bad

Just some suggestions about storage. For heavy editing and rendering work you want a lot of fast storage for scratch disks and what not. The MX100 is good but the write speeds are kinda meh and you only have one. I'd suggest two or three 840 Evo or 850 Pro drives in RAID if you can swing it.

For storange you may wanna get a few drives and run them in RAID 5 or 10 for speed and redundancy.

I have a question regarding the graphics card for the build. I was wondering if it would be better to go with a quadro card, or just a GeForce card. Because I know the GeForce gtx 980 is certified for Adobe products.

You'd be looking at a relatively low to mid end quadro.  At this price point, I think that's is better to go toward a gaming-oriented card.  Low end workstation GPUs aren't worth it.  Also, Quadros are workstation cards - they do not game well.

If you really did want a Quadro, then parts such as the CPU would have to be cut.  Your programs use quite a lot of CPU for rendering and whatnot, and having the 6 core 12 thread 5820k would be more beneficial in my opinion.