2000$ gaming rig, thoughts?

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1Tvyz  thoughts? :)  should i change anything?

ty, regards.

Yeah, wait for someone else to build the pc for you. A 2k gaming should have at least 2 graphics, an i7 an a 7200 rpm hdd. Are you sure you need all those expensive periferics ?

First of all, I don't need an i7 since I'm not video editing nor do anything that is cpu intensive, getting i7 is useless :D

i'm fine with 5400rpm, since i only need it for movies/music and storage for some games, otherwise, i don't know how really the hdd work so give me some good drive, ty.

about Peripherals, I think they're fine, if not, please give me some, since can't think of any. 

i agree most of the time, except for the dual gpu's part.

I don't really need dual gpu's, since I don't need ultra/high settings, I want maximum 144 fps not at ultra/high settings because I'm not really a graphics whore.

Is there anything better please say :))


water block for a 290x and the cpu

no extras though

Ye, I kind of need Monitor and other materials.


this is what i would get, with room to crossfire later.


with extras but with out the $50 mouse

Well, I don't really need a 4770k, I'll be just gaming, in fact If I would game and render stuff, I'd rather get 8350 don't you think?

I need 144hz, I need good quality headset (ad700x) as far it is the best (i think), need a sound card for good surround effect.

I won't be gaming on ultra/high settings, I just need to reach the 144 fps performance for upcoming bf4 and still for bf3. So, em I think that the build that I've built is the way to go.......? 




I didn't know all that. ok then

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1TBXw This is the PC I would build for 2k.  IMHO you don't need that sound card or fancy headphones.  Buy a set of Turtle Beach X12 headphones and you are set.  Just how I would build it.  Build what you want though as it is your money.

Turtle Beaches are honestly horrible.


The H80i isn't a good value compared to the PH-TC14PE or Silver Arrow, no idea why you're getting aftermarket middle-ground thermal paste, an incredibly overpriced Caviar Black drive, way overpriced memory, or a 770.


This is what I would get for $2000:


Really nice well rounded build, pretty quiet except for the graphics card (I'd personally wait for the aftermarket solutions), plenty of upgrade room in the future to CrossFire, overclock, liquid cool, add memory, whatever's up your alley. The peripherals are decent while not being too expensive. If he wants a mechanical keyboard he should drop the SSD as it's only really good for boot times and loading applications quickly as opposed to "real" performance.

Heh, I don't really need such powerful working machine, getting 290x is an overkill in my opinion, as i wrote on the post above i need to reach 144 fps and that monitor only reproduces 60fps, i need to get the maximum advantage, i need an audiophile rated headphones too.

The build looks OP mate, but really, I'll need to put another 600 dollars to get the other stuff. 
I'm guessing there's nothing better there anyway as i thought :D
Thanks for suggestions though guys, appreciate it you came by to discuss :))
If someone knows something better, please don't hesitate to say, would really help.