2000$ Gaming build


Is this a good setup. I don't currently have this much money, but if this is a good setup i think i might go for it later.


Please tell me if i should chage a part or something


Different psu for sure go seasonic nzxt or corsair

For certain you have a great, underrated PSU actually a tier up from what I have, the capstone, which had phenomenal reviews from tech sties actually taking it apart and monitoring wave readings, and all that great stuff. Just change out the cpu for something good like at least the Intel core i5 3570k or even the i7 3770k. The piledriver is alright, but it will bottleneck your system when it only uses 2-4 cores for gaming. Remember, the 8-core power hungry cpu compares, yet still isn't quite up to par, with the i5 yet the i5 has half the cores. Now imagine using 25% to 50% of your total possible processing power with the piledriver. In the extra money you spend, save yourself some money on the motherboard using the asrock z77 extreme4. I have that along with the 3570k and I LOVE IT. Overclocks both the memory and cpu great. BTW, using a cooler master hyper 212 evo, a cheap 30$ heatsink, I'm even able to get 4.8 GHz from the stock 3.4 and get less than 80 degrees. With your `watercooling, expect greatness. 

nope, bad build, check this out, sub the i7 for an i5, and adjst other parts, but a ghz edition is lust a factory oc'd 7970. and the h-coolers are really not all that good, it's luck of the draw whether you get a clicky pump or a good one. get 8g of ram as well



Is this build better then mine?

I live in Norway and i can't get a hold of to many parts

Memory: Corsair, Crucial and Kingston

Motherboards: Asus, MSI and Gigabyte

ah. yeah, cause my parts are picked quite specificly

Could order it form the UK maybe. otherwise i might go with a 1200$ build

The problem with this build is that you're "going for it later". By the time your funds are ready for the build, prices could change, new products could be released, and so on. The best thing for you to do is come back here when the money's available so that we can make solid recommendations and make sure you get the most for your money. 

One thing I can say right now is that you're much better off without the 8350. Unless you really need all 8 cores, an Intel CPU is going to perform much better in games than the 8350. The only other thing I can really comment on is your keyboard, because the Black Widow is so-so in terms of quality and I've read a few threads elsewhere about the keyswitches being a lower quality variant of Cherry MX Blues to cut costs. I would personally spend a little extra and pick up a Ducky Shine or even look into the new Logitech G710. The keyboard is totally a personal item and the purchase is up to you there, but that's my $.02 on the peripherals. Otherwise the Deathadder is a solid mouse. 

The Blackwidow is just a placeholder, otherwise you say pretty much what everybody else says. think about going with 3570K or the 3770K


By later i mean in two month or so