$2000 Dollar Video Rig

I need a new machine for video editing and I have a budget of $2000. I have a monitor and a copy of windows. What is the fastest part i can get for that price?

 comes in just $5.00 over, but it should do well for Editing AND gaming if you are so inclined. But my question is, will you be using this rig for Pro editing? Some programs will not take advantage of the multi-threaded performance. This chip also scored amazing in video encoding, but was not as impressed with still images. Be sure to take that into account.

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/6nhXVn 4930k + 780ti = rendering and editing kickass. I'd really advise if your not in a hurry to wait a couple weeks and step up to the X99 platform for DDR4 ram (which should render a double digit percentage faster), and possibly extending the budget to get the extreme edition part which should have an extra 2cores/4threads.   

X99 Means he won't be able to use a 4930k. They aren't compatible. He'd have to wait for the 5820k/5930k which may be more expensive. 

DDR4 RAM won't increase your performance that much. The base DDR4 specification is around 2400Mhz. You can get DDR3 that will run the same speeds. 

Extreme edition? Really? lololol Extreme Edition parts are always $1k parts. I don't think his budget will allow for that. 

I thought it was implied he'd have to get a Haswell-E part for X99. Woops.

DDR4 isn't that huge of a improvement in speed of the modules, but in density and I think supported channels. And If there's an improvement where it goes from quad channel to higher then that, the improvement would be big. I'm pretty sure that's happening but I'm not 100% sure.

He does have a $2000 budget, thats a huge starting point and this is an editing rig that could have room to afford that 1k figure. Plus if you look at the improvement 4 more threads could bring it's not that much of a stretch. He could step down the graphics to a R9 290x which would free up $300-350, that could go towards a X99 motherboard and X99 processor. It wouldn't cover all of it, but it could make it so thats hes over budget by $400 at most. Which is a good chunk of cash, but it is a big improvement in productivity that could pay for itself in the long run.    

Sorry about the first part. I guess it would be assumed he would go with the Haswell-E part I'm just not sure what kind of price those parts are going to come in at. 

Density yes. You can fit more per DIMM but I thin 64GB of RAM would be enough for his needs. Supported channels? Well I'm not sure if that has anything to do with DDR4 or not but I do know that X99 will support a maximum of 4 channels. Just like X79. The bigger thing is lower power consumption but that doesn't really matter on a desktop.

$2K for a Socket 2011 build isn't that much to be honest. 1K for the processor that leaves $1k left for everything else. Then say $50-100 for a CPU cooler because the 2011 parts don't come with one. Then for a video editing rig you are gonna want multiple SSDs in RAID for scratch disks thats another $250ish depending on the drives. PLus multiple HDDs for storage another $120ish there. RAM gonna want 16-32GBs DDR4 may cost more? So thats another $200. GPU is gonna be anywhere from $400 to $600. Plus a good PSU to power all of this. It is gonna be a lot more.....


$2800. That is skimping out on the motherboard and RAM and going with a 290X....

TBH I would rather get the cheaper CPU and spend the money on two 780 TIs or 290Xs. That would prob give you better performance then the extra cores on the CPU.