~$2000 Build Suggestions?

Hi. I have a build in mind that I think looks good but I'm looking to refine it where I can. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2t2ne


Specific things that I'd like suggestions on are the graphics card and the MoBo but if you see anything that seems fishy then feel free to let me know. The build is intended for gaming and productivity (school) and will be used as a family pc.

Trying to keep it right around !$2100 +/-~$100.

Thank you.

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2t6lh Here ya go under budget & would kick your original builds ass lol you can change the case & I threw those headphones that were in your build in there too. That mobo is nice it has on-board WiFi & Bluetooth I believe.

You sir, have me impressed. Thanks for the suggestions. With no intention of overclocking anything in this machine the cooling needs aren't all that great so a cheap fan, good fan at that, is great. The GPU is important because I don't want to have to upgrade any time soon. You seem to have corrected an error (several actually) in judgement on the ram where I was trying to fill all the slots and leaving no room for upgrade. I like the case as it is cheaper and still does the job that it needs to do.

Short version, thank you.


kicks ur builds ass

2 monitors

gtx 780

32gb ram


need i say more?

My take on this build http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2t7VO

I went with the non-window case as it's quieter (run with top and side covers on), and black because it hides in a corner better and I think the grey looks strange. It means you don't have to be as fussy with the components you buy looks wise, which is a big plus for price to performance value.

I went to a Corsair H90 radiator instead of of hyper212 as it'll get you better case temperatures by virtue of exhausting the hot air outside your case, its also 140mm unlike the hyper212, so it'll have slightly more surface area thus cool better. I have on in the rear of my Define R4 and love it, highly recommended.

Other than that I changed some brands to brands i'd trust and optimized to get a bit better value, although cost is higher due to addition of the AIO cooler, Blue Ray Drive and slightly better components (HOF edition gtx780, 3tb 7200rpm drive, Gskill Ripjaw X 1866mhz CAS9 ram ect). This is my recommended build, and yes that mobo has wifi,

No problem, good luck my friend!

Yeah you don't need 32 GB. :P

Though you may have a point with two monitors. It really helps with productivity.  

Your build packs more ram and a second monitor true, but it features many low quality components. Also for gaming i don't recommend 2 monitors, 1 or 3 three is fine but 2 is a pain most of the time due to the divide being center screen. In addition the smaller, lower quality monitors you use don't enthrall me, I'd rather use a single better screen, the Asus VH238H 23.0" is larger, will run at 75hz instead of just 60hz and has good built in audio so you can run a single HDMI cable to your desk and get decent sound while avoiding clutter, then use the headphones for immersive gaming and listening to music.

As for components, the 3820 overclocks better than the 4770K but actually isn't any faster, and with a smaller (120mm is only 73% the area of 140mm rads) very low quality (the seldion 120v's are awful) your not getting enough of a overclock to get any advantage out of it other than you can upgrade to a 6 core in future, but with the extra features and extensions built into haswell, as well as the haswell E having been announced I can't really recommend getting the older architecture high end processors or motherboard in this socket. I'm also not a fan of Zotac's quality, and paying a few dollars (literally less than $20) more to get a better quality, better brand card with a quieter cooler is worth it for such a high end system. While 32gb of ram is hands down better than 16gb, 16gb is plenty for gaming and so faster memory (higher mhz lower CAS) is going to net you higher FPS than more slower memory will. The case isn't going to be as quiet, but case choice comes down mostly to user preference anyway, as does windows 7 vs 8.1. I also note you've stepped down alot in power supply, 750 watt is enough, as is silver certification, however 1000w of Platinum in just better. Finally you have neglected to include adaquite fans or the blue ray drive, making this build worth over a hundred bucks more than the others, a decent percentage of simply adding another screen or the second set of ram...

In short I fail to see the difference that "kicks ur builds ass", my suggestion to OP is just to consider if they want to add a second screen to the other builds, it still fits in 2100 +\- 100 with the second screen if they value it.

I agree that multiple monitors would be fun but I really don't have space for more than one. The monitor etc, has to share space on a small card table with a 17" laptop. As for the case, that'll be something that my wife and I will have to look at. I do like the R4 but it's a family thing and not just for me :) I really do like a lot of the suggestions that I'm seeing. I don't mind taking a slightly smaller monitor with the improvements that 23" has and I can't argue with faster RAM. The water cooler probably isn't necessary since there will be no OC on this system. The mobo is an impressive piece of hardware and again I find no reason for argument.

I'm a little new to this so I really do appreciate the help. I have built a pc before but it has more in common with Frankenstein's monster than a computer ;) Live and learn. Thanks to everyone for your help this is no small or cheap thing which is why I came here to see what I could learn.


If the 2100$ is the absolute maximum, his would be the system i would go with. The intel systems suggested are all really good, but my suggestion would be to go with an AMD system. The FX 8350 offers a great value, giving you 8 cores and great gaming performance compared ti the 130$ more expencive i7's. It is true, that in tasks, that require high single core performance, the i7 will be faster, but in general gaming, the FX 8350 will give you the excact same performance, as the i7. With the money you save by going with AMD, you could ramp uo your GPU from the 780 to a 780ti and gain more gaming performance for the same price. Also, you could get a better monitor, like the asus in this build. It is a really nice 23.8" IPS panel monitor, with all the gaming goodies you need. You could also get a nicer headset, like the corsair vengeance 1500 v2. I've tried the steelseries siberia v2's and i didn't quite like them. They were really comfortable, but so are the vengeance 1500 v2's, but the sound quality of the siberia's vas not as good as i was told. Even my turtlebeach Z22 sound better and vahe deeper bass than the siberias.

But afterall, you are the one choosing wich way to go, but this would be the one that i would recommend you the most, since it has in my aspect, the most gaming performance for the buck, and better and higer  quality peripherals.

I hope i helped, and have great time building, and using the rig you will end up :)

Say to do pcparkpicker :p

List- 8350, asus (something something) pro rev 2.0, 16gb ram 1600mhz (insert company), wd black 1tb, 780 ti, define r4. Put the rest on your other stuff :p


Unsure about the 8350. It can do productive work, though if one is planning on using something like Adobe or AutoCAD, they will suffer on the single thread performance of an FX-8350. 


Here is my build: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2tpHt

I kept it under $2000 so you can chose gaming keyboard/mouse for extra $100 by yourself.

If you are just gaming i5 4670k or AMD FX 8350 is more than enough.


Are you going to be doing any professional work or just some hobby stuff?


If hobby, gaming, and family PC - go with the build above. Take the $600 you save and buy something for your wife!



There is nothing on that link. :P

...Then he will save...$2000!


was my local link, sorry about that :/

There is no sense in getting a R9 280X for 390$... you could get the same performing GTX 770 for 60$ less, or get the 4 GB version of the 770 for 10$less...

R9 cards are to pricey with all the people using them to mine. I would rather go Nvidia at the current time.  But I would go AMD for the cpu IMO.



This is the best build you can get for $2000.  It even has a 1200p monitor and an i7-4930k.


http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2tHEi This is what I'd do...