~200$ monitor recommendations?

Looking for a new/2nd monitor. 1440p would be fine but not necessary same with higher than 60hz refresh rates. I’d like a bigger monitor tho as I’ve been using a 21,5" monitor so I’d like a 25"+ one now.

Other specs I’m not really well versed in as monitors were always of least importance to me.
Appreciate all the help.

cutting it a bit close. Sub $200 for a new 1440 is still a bit rough to find.

https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA4JH1GM6846&cm_re=QNIX_QX2710--0JC-0009-00007--Product This is $219 but is new.

THIS ONE is refurbished.

New IPS LG panal

if i were you i would save a bit more and go for either a 1440p 144hz for 400 ish or 40 in 4k can be got for around 300 on sale.

BenQ has some 1080p 24’’ 144hz monitors that sell for ~200$, can’t say about 1440p

No sales in Poland and the prices here are about 20-25% higher than in the US. With that in mind 200$ is the limit. If i ever want a better one ill just get it as a 3rd monitor in the future.

If you are gaming I would shoot for a 1080p 144hz

Otherwise I’d look for a 1440p

Not sure if you can find one under $200 without a sale though.

Do flicker-free monitors actually do anything ? I mean are they actually beneficial for eyes ?

I’ve decided to look for something in the 100-150$ range 24" 1080p 60-75hz .

Any recommendations?

a CRT, I can run at 1920x1440 and it’s nice to see shows made before 2006 in fullscreen. CRTs are going to be worth a shit load of money one day.

Funny :stuck_out_tongue:

I decided to go with AOC G2460VQ6

Older dell 16:10 screens. God damn amazing.

My parents have one that came with their desktop although that desktop met it’s end, the monitor still works, a beautiful 1920x1200 monitor.

My 1680×1050 screen is honestly my favorite. I have meh eyesight and it makes everything well spaced and set perfectly.

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