$200 - Computer Upgrade

So I built my little m-ITX rig in early September, and went Intel with a low budget($540 after MIR).  Here's what I use right now after a bit of peripheral addition:


I use this computer for almost everything: Gaming, 2D-Animation, Web-Browsing, Programming, Adobe Photoshop, Light Video Editing, Word Processing

I sold some more stuff from my previous hobby, and now I've got $200 (USD) to upgrade my computer.  I would like some community help.  Thoughts?


I don't see a GPU in the link so cant really say anything :P

Maybe an aftermarket CPU cooler, could try to get some overclocks if you are into that.

I don't have a GPU.  Yeah... about that.  I'm leaning towards a GPU, not sure which one to get as the HD 7950s went up in price so much in the last month :(

Am also looking into overclocking with an H60/H80i as the AIO liquid cooling systems are pretty much all that I can fit into my tiny ITX case.

If you've only got $200, then that's all going to have to go to the GPU.  The R9 270X is the best card you can get at that price range.