2 X samsung Odessey G9 wont work at 240Hz on 2080ti


so i have 2 x samsung odessey G9 plugged into an rtx2080ti and a normal Asus 60hz monitor, When i have both monitors at 120Hz no problem but if i try and select one of them at 240 hz the system crashes, its tries to set up the new resolution by the usual flickering on and off of the displays, then it just reboots, should this be able to support this setup?

Sorry for the late reply but did you ever get this working? I finally got a 3000 series GPU and am able to use 240hz. I only have 1 G9 but I found if I didn’t install the monitor driver from Samsungs website AND have the last firmware on the monitor I had all sorts of issues with it.

On ONE 2080? Dude no.

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