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2 second pauses intermittently while gaming

Sandstorm insurgency, and PUBG will pause for 1 or 2 seconds intermittently, sometimes every 20 seconds sometimes no issue for days. Games like rocket league have no issue.

8700k, asus z370g

16gb ddr4 3000

4x850 evo ssd raid 0

2070 super

Evga clc 280 all in one

Windows 10

[email protected] and [email protected]

Ive changed out ram, different hard drive (with no raid), different gpu, different psu, formatted like 6 times at this point. Used ddu to remove windows nvidia driver and installed nvidias

I started an rma on the cpu, but might get push back as the cpu is passing their tests. Also its gone 60mins on prime95 in avx and non avx tests with no issues.

Im 100% lost :frowning:

Sounds like overheating and therefor thermal throttling.
Could run hwinfo in the background or on a second monitor (or TV) and watch what happens.

HWinfo guide

Look for the suspect values like clocks and temperatures, rightclick and select “show graph”, that way you can tab out and see what happened in the past few seconds at a glance.

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Thanks for the response.

I have been keeping an eye on temps with MSI Afterburner, and they stay cool. CPU below 80, and gpu below 80.

Nvidia starts dropping clocks after 60°C, so that could be it.

Ive been watching that too. Core clock is 1900mhz to 2050mhz at all times.

Also, ived tried 3 different gpus.

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Okay, so no thermal and clocks issue on the GPU.