1U Rack hardware for PfSsense HA setup

Hi all,

I’ve got my eye on this for now, and have reached out to a Supermicro vendor on advice on something with a bit more option for expansion and redundant PSUs.


I’m not entirely keen at the idea of sourcing from Netgate due to rather inflated pricing (??). Also compounded by my isolated location.

In any case though, thoughts on this unit or please make suggestions for alternatives.

Thank you.
Cheers Mike.

If you want rack mount it’s perfect for pfsense.
Also it’s bigger brother
Has newer CPU, 10gbit sfp and 10baset and more room to grow
It’s currently on ebay for 700usd brand new…

Same model, redundant PSU … could only find one listed for 1800EUR though …

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I was thinking about an upgrade in speed, but I am afraid this one will be way to power hungry relatively to the load of 20gb traffic…

I need to find some sourcing in europe

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Thanks, I’ve asked for pricing. I’ll need to get 4x units, to run HA on two-sites. (1) at home and (2) the other on another property ~ 30 km away.

I’ll be running a VPN tunnel between the two.

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How much bandwidth on each site? (how much VPN?)

It’s totally overkill but I ordered 2x units (for one HA setup). They need 12 weeks to manufacture and ship, so there’s a bit of waiting time too.

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Which ones? Just curious

It’s the 5019D-RN8TP, the one you mentioned. And I went a wee bit overkill with the RAM/storage.

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