16gb 1600 RAM or 8gb 1833 RAM

Hi tek forum,

I'm going to be building a gaming PC soon, but I also want to stream/edit a bit on it. The build will consist of an AMD FX 8350, Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 Motherboard, Corsair GS800 PSU, MSI N660 2GD5 GPU, a 120 SSD from samsung, and a 2TB Seagate HDD. As for cooling on the processor I'm going to use a Thermaltake Frio. What I want to know is what will help more with streaming/editing, 8GB 1833 clocked ram, or 16GB 1600 clocked ram? Thanks for feed back.


 Also if anyone can help on the cooler... Should I go with a Corsair H60 or stick with the Frio?

16gb and I would say the frio because I like air cooling but if you want to go over like 4.5 ghz I would say find a decent water cooler

Lol 16.