$1500ish 780ti Gaming Pc

Hey so with this weekend of savings i've been buying parts for an upcoming pc. I'd like to know if there's anything i can do to improve the build for around the same price point.


It's primarily for gaming and i'd love to keep the 780ti in the build. Also factor in good black friday deals if you can.

Thanks for the Help :D


Looks good champ.


i'm about to buy some of the parts so can i get some other feedback?

I'd recommend you get a nice air cooler instead of the H100i.  Something like this will cool just as well, for less money...


If you insist on having an AIO watercooler, then I recommend this one over the Corsair unit.


It performs slightly better and it is far more quiet.


I know people recommend the nh-d14, but its not without flaws. It creates a lot of clutter in your build and it will be nearly impossible to unplug or plug in certain things on your motherboard. Not to mention it's ugly. Personally, I would sacrifice a few degrees of cooling for a much neater and nicer looking system.