15000rpm HDD vs SSD

Was looking on Newegg and found a Seagate cheetah 146GB hdd at 15000rpm for $48.99. So i was thinking would it be better to get an SSD or a 15000rpm hard drive for my boot, and do hard drives running that fast get very loud or was that just a problem with the early ones?




That is the Seagate I was looking at.

If you can affoard it get the ssd because that hard drive is going to output a lot of heat compared to a ssd 

The SSD will be quicker and anyways you can't use that HDD unless you have a SAS raid card. The SAS interface is mainly used for servers due to the HDDs robustness (is that a word). You can not use a SAS HDD on a normal SATA controller (But you can use a SATA drive on a SAS Controller)

- zanginator

Well, neither is going to use the full bandwidth available to them, but the SSD has significantly faster 4K random read times and write times because it simply doesn't have to spin up a disk to get to the data. But for that kind of price, a 15,000 RPM drive is a pretty incredible thing to have on hand. But be warned, especially as they age, high RPM drives get incredibly noisy and they can generate some relatively high heat (like, it feels warm to hot after use... so about 85 to 100 degrees Fahrenheight.) However, if you can get over that, they have some pretty unparalleled large file transfer rates. Get a dozen and put them in RAID 0 for the maximum effect (although you only need two or three for that...)