$1500 Limit! Whats the best

Currently i have picked out PC parts primarily for editing videos in adobe premier and gaming/recording but is can i get more for what i have to spend?

Here is what i've selected as of now : http://pcpartpicker.com/user/Airsuperballs/saved/2Jei

Looks pretty good to me.  If you're only running one GPU, you can get a 550W PSU.  If you're going to be running SLI, a 750W would do.  Just make sure it's from a good brand (corsair, seasonic, XFX, Fractal Design), and at least 80+ Bronze



Found some really awesome combo deals and sales. This is what I would get with your budget.

I saw that you were getting your CPU from microcenter. I would really recommend just going up to the Haswell CPU/Motherboard combos. It's only 30 dollars more and that is worth the jump in performance from Ivy Bridge to Haswell. I went with the Gigabyte UD4h simply because of looks. The Asus Z87 pro performs basically the same so you can pick whichever brand or look you prefer.

I switched out the Corsair H100i for a Phanteks dual tower CPU cooler. The Phanteks will cool just as well but is way cheaper and quieter. Don't get me wrong I have a H100i and I love it but at 125 dollars I wouldn't recommend it over a good air cooler.

The ram  combos with either a EVGA or or a MSI lightning 780. Again I went with the EVGA over the MSI mostly because of looks. They are both really good but the tri frozr cooler doesn't really do much. The little fan doesn't make a difference and it's loud.


The PSU is also overkill but it leaves room for expansion and SLI. It's a great deal 40 dollars off. It's made by Seasonic and it's 80+ platinum; you literally can't get any better than that.


The price on there is greater than 1500 but the combo deal from microcenter will put you under 1500. I'm sure you can take away or shop around some more but this is just an example of what you can get for 1500.

i second this 90%!