$1500-ish Build: Anything I should Change?

I honestly don't know, but I personally wouldn't touch anything EVGA unless it was a graphics card.

For PSU's top brands tend to be Seasonic, Corsair, Enermax, Lepa, Silverstone, Cooler Master, Antec (although I've heard a couple of horror stories about Antec PSU's. Not sure if it's a wide spread problem or just a few duds though), NZXT, Thermaltake, and XFX.

Gigabuster also likes to use Rosewill PSU's because he's made a lot of budget builds with them and never had a problem. Apparently they're cheap and they work.

I would assume Fractal Design makes some nice PSU's as well, because everything they make tends to bleed quality.

Thanks but all the reviews praised the Sidewinder's typing feel and I'm currently in high school and typing a lot of papers.  Plus, I got huge mits (play a lot of basketball) so mech keyboards were always uncomfortable for me.  They're all pretty pricey, too.

Thanks, I always figured it was too good to be true... I think the NZXT one would look awesome in the Phantom, but it's currently sold out. :(

They're actually pretty good. However, at that price, I'd stick to the Lepa G650. You don't need full modularity unless you're a cable sleever, like I am.

Well, I don't know what your big mitts have to do with a mechanical keyboard, considering they're the same size as a regular keyboard, but any mechanical keyboard is going to feel better than a keyboard with rubber dome keys. You just have to find a specific key switch that you like.

Again...why buy something with less features and less expansion if you don't have to?

The ripple and quality of the Lepa is still higher than that of the EVGA PSUs, so you aren't buying less features, you're just buying a better product.

Sorry, I was comparing it to the Corsair PSU I posted.

That Corsair TX is also semi-modular.

I know. It has more wattage and amperage though.

While the TX750M does have more amperage, the extra wattage is unnecessary, and will only lower efficiency further from the already lower 80+ Bronze, compared to 80+ Gold on the Lepa G.

True, but it does allow for more expansion.

Which key switches are the best for typing and gaming?  There's so many different kinds I'm not sure which one would work best.  I hear good things about mx brown but I'm still a bit hesitant.

Generally speaking, Blues for typing, Greens for typing and gaming, Blacks and Reds for gaming. However, you should try them yourself to get a feeling of what you like.

Any recommended keyboards that you guys like?

Rosewill 9000 is a nice, cheap one. Corsair makes some great stuff, as well.

If you want a higher-end setup, Ducky, WASD, Filco, and Leopold are worth considering.

There is always the Happy Hacking Pro 2 for the crazy, and the IBM Model M for those who can find one, and want the best keyboard ever made.

Thanks so much for your help!  I'm considering the Corsair K70 or K60.  Red switches are the ones that don't clack right?

They don't clack; they are linear, not tactile.

Thanks do you think the price from a k60 to a k70 is worth it, they look pretty much the same (except the wrist-rest).

Well, you also have the K65 (coming soon) and K95 to consider, which are refreshes of the K60 and K70. It depends on your needs; watch the video here on TekSyndicate they did on them - it answers stuff like that.