$1500 Gaming PC

Will this build work?


PCPartpicker: http://pcpartpicker.com/user/BlueBomb36/saved/dpbTwP

Its an excellent build the only thing i would change is that 760 4GB, the Fan Controller, and The Speakers, and consider looking into the R9-290 you get 3 free games and an Impeccable card for the money. Extra VRAM on a Card doesn't always make the card better if it doesn't utilize it properly, with extra VRAM you'll be able to display more textures on your screen that is all and with the 760 its a good enough card in terms of performance. it will NOT use that 4GBS well. also The Motherboard should have a built in Fan controller which is good enough.  the Speakers,  i'm going to assume while gaming you are going to have a headset on. and External speakers i doubt you'll be using often while gaming and for content consumption the built in speakers in the monitor are totally fine for that.

Thanks I'll get rid pf the speakers. I'll keep the fan controller in so i can change the temp quickly with the controller while in game. Can you recommend a good graphics card around 300 dollars?

The R9-280x. 3 Free Games, Good Card for the Money and has 3GB VRAM for those Heavily Textured games which it can utilize properly., Also You have Mantle support for the 40+ games coming with it.


Yes it will work.

Drop 8g of ram. Use the extra $70 upgrade to a gtx 770 or r9 290. 760 will be bottlenecked with a oc 8350 and ssd.

Yeah forget the speakers. Surround sound PC speakers are a joke. Just a decent set of 2.1 speakers will do or just use the monitor speakers. The 16gb of ram is unnecessary, 8gb is plenty. Either the gtx770 or r9 280x will be very good video cards. 

Quick i5 build.


Updated Build: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/NhCZXL


Later on I will get 2 more monitors, another graphics card for a two way sli, and more ram.



About $80 above my budget.



Better than yours , get this one

I would go with some tech noob's build http://pcpartpicker.com/p/dB6NYJ

just maybe change the KB and mouse + PSU if you want xfire later on ( 850w minimum ) .

Realistically you won't ever need more than 16gbs of RAM unless you are video editing or Rendering Videos. Also if you are grabbing multiple monitors in the future then definitely grab an AMD GPU. cause Nvidia does hasn't fixed their monkey business with their multi-monitor setups. Also AMD is more Generous with the VRAM Count which is what you'll need alot of for Multi-Monitor Gaming.

Nice build!

With your budget I would go intel. Sometechnoobs build is a good start.

I would ditch the corsair h60. 120mm aio coolers don't perform that we'll in comparison to a good air cooler. I also assume the noctua fan is for the rad. Just buy a noctua NH-d14 instead; cheaper, quieter, more reliable, and performs better.

Ditch the 770 4gb. Get a r9 290 like others have stated. Better performance for the money. The sapphire tri x in the build above is a really good card. 

Ditch the fan controller. It's neat but with that money you could just about step up to a 240g ssd instead of a 120g. Kingston hyperx 3k is what I would get.

Psu. I would get something that seasonic or superflower oems.  Rosewill capstones are really good for the money. Xfx psus are made by seasonic and typically priced a little lower.

I wouldn't buy a razer keyboard. You can get much nicer ones for the same money. Logitech makes one with brown switches that's like 105 dollars right now. Rosewill and Thermaltake make inexpensive and good mechanical keyboards. 

I don't know anything about that razer headset but I'd spend a little more on a Kingston hyperx cloud headset. It's mostly metal and much better quality I'm sure.

Case is a pesonal choice and if you like that one get it I have a spec 02 case for my second pc. It's pretty good for the money but you can tell it's a budget case. My fractal case blows it out of the water for another 20 or 30 bucks.