$1500 Concept Build!

Here's basically what I would do with $1500 for a PC. I like it to be quiet and the smaller R4 is awesome! What would you guys build!?! 



Motherboard is complete overkill to be honest and you have no storage or soundcard.

i'd also go for the 6gb flavour of this card :)



Yea aha I forgot to mention that I had storage but I don't need a soundcard aha and I did'nt know that there was a 6GB 670..


Also I want a good motherboard for the OCing and the spacing on the PCI slots etc I like more on this mobo then the sabertooth


The sabertooth should be more than adequete for overclocking to be honest. The only difference really is the memory speeds!


Why would you not get an I7 with a 1500$ build?

It offers no performance boost in gaming than the 8350. Unless you're doing something else in which case I don't know how they perform against eachother.

Because I'd rather spend the money in other places and games are starting to become more CPU dependant then they used to be and the 8350 is a monster CPU. Don't think I'm a fan boy aha I run an i5-3570k in my personal computer but yea! 

Tanner... Why waste money? You can get a better GPU, cooling, case... Longer waranty and that... Yea.

FX 8350 is just fine for gaming, good for recording, streaming and that... When you play a game and stream it beats 3770k so yea... If you want to record, do video editing and some similar stuff FX 8350 is a viable option and in some cases it beats 3770k. Depends on your preference, but why not save some money on CPU and get something better and by quality and performance AMD is just fine and similar...

Not to be horrible but please tell me the specs on your profile are outdated.

Sadly thats my current hardware status... Since my parents are divorced and my family(living with mom, sister and my dog black lab) we barely live here in Croatia. Fucked up.

It would be a better situation in my country if the hardware was not taxed for a whooping 25%. In some cases some things cost as much as double compared to USA. So its fucked up. Do get a decent build I need atleast 600$, if I want a monitor and better keyboard mouse and something I would need to have atleast 900$... You can see, I am screwed to death...

My opinion about FX 8350 is based around reviews, I analyze the results that sites get. Watch videos, try to find an unbiased videos and tests... I collected some data from the net.